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How New Bands Can Inform Everyone of Concerts

Getting people to recognize your talents is one of the toughest parts of starting a band. You can have mad music skills and no one will recognize you if you don’t do proper marketing for your concerts and music.  A lot of good talent goes unnoticed simply because it is so hard to get people to start paying attention to your name.  People love to enjoy live concerts.  They can have a laugh with friends, dance till they get dizzy and have a blast.  If you want to get people to know about you then it is time to fit in as many live concerts as possible. But it can be tough to let everyone know of your latest gig when you have to perform on short notice.  Here are some great ways to inform everyone of concerts so you can start luring in listeners every time you perform.

How New Bands Can Inform Everyone of Concerts

Bundle SMS

Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to notify everyone of your concerts because you are sending them a direct message to their phones.  They don’t have to log onto the net to see news and there is no other information that can distract them from the message. With Bulk SMS you can simply type a message and send the same message to thousands of numbers in an instant.  You don’t have to retype the message hundreds of times and you don’t have to forward to hundreds of numbers.  Bulk SMS is super easy and super-fast.  You simply type your message, upload your contact list and send.  Any news regarding concerts, performances, band news and sudden changes will be sent and your listeners will never go disappointed.   Everyone will instantly be notified of your concert within minutes and it doesn’t even cost as much since bulk SMS is super cheap so start collecting names and numbers so you can promote and be heard.


Email allows you to add a photo or even an audio file of your songs which is great for giving your listeners a taste of what is to come during the fun concert.  You can send the same email to hundreds of addresses and get your band advertised instantly.

Social media

On social media you can share photos, audio files and information on your big performance.  Social media is great for marketing because every time they like your post or share a photo, your band will be marketed to all of your friend’s friends.

Posters & flyers

Print some fun posters and stick them in people rich areas like grocery stores or beside a road.  You can also give out flyers or perhaps stuff flyers in postal boxes and promote your company even further.

Radio adverts

Radio advertising is one of the best ways to get your songs heard.  A good radio station can reach thousands of ears in an instant and they are sure to lure in many listeners and fans to your performances.  You can give all the radio listeners a good sample of your songs to prick their interest and advertise your latest concert instantly.

Boost Your Singing Career with These Simple Steps

Publishers are not the only way to achieve a successful singing career. You can become popular and earn a great salary or extra income all on your own by following an easy and fun marketing strategy. The best part about creating your own singing career is that you have full control as to how many singing gigs you are willing to attend and which locations you are willing to perform at. You will also be able to live your own unique style without anyone telling you who to be and how to behave.

Boost Your Singing Career with These Simple Steps

Get a photo shoot

The first step to launching your self-publishing career is to get great pictures or video clips of yourself. Take your guitar or violin along and pose for fun and fantastic photos in a studio or get a photographer to take great photos of you at a beautiful location.   You should also get photos of you on stage and at singing gigs to promote yourself better.


A website is the most important marketing strategy you can invest in. It will provide all your fans with the latest information on your skills and performances and you can sell your music online through an Ecommerce store. Choose a professional marketing firm like Net Search to build your website. A fantastic web designer will ensure you look professional on your website and will create a site that functions well on all devices such as phones and tabs so people can view your details at any time. These designers are also great at the difficulties of building intermediate ecommerce stores to ensure people do not steal your music or to ensure they have a great shopping experience. You can ask your designer to add a blog onto your website so you can communicate with your audience and inform them of all your future performances or so you can promote yourself for future gigs.

Social media advertising

Create yourself professional profiles on all the popular social media sites so people will notice you. You can share all your latest blog articles on the sites to enhance feed to your website and you can supply the public with samples of your music. Those who love your songs will start sharing them on their pages and more people will like your profiles.

Radio and newspapers adverts

Radio is a great way to get your voice out there. Many people don’t like to read but listen to the radio on their way to work or all day at work. Inform every one of your singing talent and tell them where they can buy your songs.

Flyer and newspaper distribution

You should never underestimate local advertisement. Supply schools, post boxes, restaurants and clubs with flyers so they will know that you are available for social events. Once you have landed a singing gig at a social event, you should advertise in newspapers and on all your sites to lure in more people to these events. The more people you lure to events, the higher your chances are of getting more singing gigs.