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Log Home Loving Musicians

Musicians are the energy behind the music we all know and love. So, it is always interesting to find out what drives them. We wanted to know what musicians found value in the rustic life of log home living. There is something back-to-nature about curling up within the confines of a log-walled abode. And, certainly the celebrities in our list would agree.

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Log Home Loving Musicians

10 Log Home Owning Musicians

Now it’s time to learn which of our favorite musicians owns a log cabin. We will admit that it should not be too surprising that the people on this list are mostly located within the country music genre. There is something about that twang that makes it highly more likely that a rustic leaning exists. So, without further ado, meet these 10 log home owning musicians:

  1. Charlie Daniels– Charlie has his log home on his property at Twin Pines Ranch.
  2. Paul McCartney– Our first, non-country musician on the list, Paul McCartney actually tore down his “real” house as a means of preserving his log home in East Sussex. You can read the full story right here.
  3. Alan Jackson– Jackson actually sold his mansion, and 135 acres, which included a really cute log cabin. Apparently the property went for $28 million. That was $10 million below his asking price.
  4. Willie Nelson– Willie lives on an 800 acre complex that includes his cypress log cabin, a golf course, a recording studio and Luck, Texas, his very own western-movie style town. Learn more.
  5. Brad Paisley– Paisley’s log home is located just outside of Nashville. It’s a multi-story abode with a big red barn on the property to house his horses.
  6. Hank Williams, Jr.– Although he’s on this list, we couldn’t seem to locate any specifics about his log home. Sorry. However, we can tell you it is located in Buchanan, TN.
  7. Aaron Tippin– Tippin live near Nashville on 300 acres of forest. His log home is quite spacious and the property includes his very own 2000 foot landing strip as he is an avid pilot. You can read all about him here.
  8. Yoko Ono- Located in Upstate New York, Yoko Ono’s cabin is quite expansive. She is our additional non-country musician on the list. You can see an aerial view of her home by clicking this.
  9. Mel Tillis– You can find Mel Tillis’s house in Ashland, TN. It’s mostly shaded by trees and surrounded by a nice chunk of land.
  10. Tanya Tucker– In 2007, Tanya sold her 207 acres, which included older log homes built in the 20s and 30s. She then moved to Malibu and was in danger of losing everything to the fires that transpired there at that time.

Log homes are great places to live and when you are a musician with tons of money, it is easy to see why you would build one on your extensive property. Hank Williams Sr.’s fishing cabin still stands in Alabama, in case you’re interested in taking a trip!