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How to Enjoy Music from Your Computer

Technology wise, music has come a long way.  The first ever recorded sound was recorded by Thomas Edison and the first ever recorded song was recorded by a French printer and bookseller; Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville.  Music technology went through lots of changes and advancements since then and today you can listen to music in just about any vehicle and on just about any electronic device.  You can stream music through your phone, listen to music on the radio, enjoy your favorite tunes on an iPod and if you like the traditional way, you can still attend live concerts.  One of the best ways to enjoy music is with your computer.  When you play music from your computer you can view music videos or play a large variety of music for endless hours but the best reason to enjoy music on your computer is so you can alter the sound quality according to your needs and enjoy higher quality sound from various sources without having to struggle with CD’s.

How to Enjoy Music from Your Computer

Copy your CD’s to MP3 / MP4

Yes, it is completely legal to copy your CD’s to digital form as long as you bought the original CD’s and as long as you don’t share these copied files with friends or sell them online.  It is much safer to transfer your music to digital form so your CD’s will remain scratch free for longer.

Download music from the net

You can also download lots of music from the internet by subscribing to certain music channels or by buying the digital format of certain songs.

Download a music player for your PC

To play music from your computer, you will need to download a music player for your computer.  Lots of different music player apps and programs are available online.  iTunes, Winamp, Spotify, Xune, Nero MediaHome, AIMP, MpcStar and Songbird are just a few of the apps that you can download to play your music or music videos.

Stream live music from websites

You can even broadcast music live from music websites or radio stations and skip the need for a music player entirely.  The only problem is that you won’t be able to create your own playlist or skip tunes whenever you like because you need to listen to the program provided.

Get some good desktop computer speakers

A set of good speakers is a must for your PC or your sound will always come out fuzzy and blurry. If you are planning on using your PC for lots of music then it might be wise to invest a bit more in good quality large speakers like the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 that comes with a 130-watt sub.  This fantastic set of computer speakers offers clear heights and rich bass.  You can play incredibly loud volumes and the set has a nice design that will look attractive on your desk.  If you are looking for something smaller than the Creative T15 is also a terrific set to consider since they are small, elegant and allows you to enjoy movies and music as clearly as a hi-fi system.