Music Festival Tips to Improve Your Experience

Preparing for a music festival can be a bit complex especially if it is your first time and you have not researched about what you should do first. You do not want to pack up with things that you do not need and end up bringing around some items with you wherever you go. The heaviness of your bag will only make you tired. At the same time, you may not appreciate what is happening around you anymore.

Another problem that you may encounter is under packing. You will only realize that all of the items you need are not with you when you are already there. For instance, you have checked ski mask comparisons so much that you have forgotten to order the one that you want for your ski trip. This will happen if you are always disorganized and you do not make a list of all the things that you need to do. If you need a ski mask, write down all the brands that you want. It is likely that through writing, it will be easier for you to remember which one you want.

Music Festival Tips to Improve Your Experience

Right now, you would like to focus on music festivals and you want to make sure that you are music festival ready. Here are a few of the things that you need:

  1. Fanny Pack

You may think that it will be cool to have a sling bag all the time but they can be a hassle to bring around especially if they tend to hit other people in the process. A fanny pack will be easy to place around your waist and you can continuously check your valuables as well.

  1. Toiletries

You need to remember that one of the hardest things that you will experience while you are at the music festival is relieving yourself. It is best if you can bring some baby wipes with you and tissues too so that everything will be easier. Just remember that there will be long lines going to the toilet and the toilet may not be that pleasant afterwards.

  1. Phone

You need to make sure that you will have a gadget that you can use to communicate with your friends. There will be moments when you might lose track of them in the crowd. It can be harder when you are alone so make sure that you have a fully charged phone that you can use to call them.

  1. Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

You may think that your fashion is the most important thing in music festivals but it is not called a music festival for nothing. You need to concentrate more on the music that you are going to hear rather than the clothes that you are wearing. Try wearing heels and most likely, you will get stuck in one place because you find it hard to walk around.

  1. Campsite Items

You need to keep away from the sun from time to time and the best way to do that is to have your own campsite. Bring all the items you need that are permitted so you can be protected and comfortable the whole time.

One tip to remember is after the music festival, pick up your trash and disposes your trash properly because this will make a lot of difference.

Worst Things You Can Wear to a Music Festival

You are excited at the prospect that you are going to attend a music festival with your friends. You would like to make it an affair that you will remember for a long time. You already know how lucky you are that you have gotten tickets because music festivals, especially if the bands playing are popular will be hard to get into.

Worst Things You Can Wear to a Music Festival

The thought of having the right outfit can always put you in a good mood. You were able to do the natural breast enhancement tips that you have gotten from Thank Your Breasts and you would like to show the difference through the clothes that you wear. You want it to be obvious but not to the point that you will look unnatural and over the top. You will always see a lists of the things that you should wear but if you are still having trouble, let us focus on the things that you cannot wear so that choosing your wardrobe will be easier.

Some of the things that you can avoid wearing are the following:

  1. High Heels – No matter how tempting it might be to attend a music festival wearing heels because you think it makes you look older and more sophisticated, it will be hard to walk on grass when your heels just want to sink into the soil all over and over again. You will get soiled heels that may be ruined for good. At the same time, you will not enjoy the stares of other women who decided to dress up sensibly for the music festival.
  2. Very Short Shorts – It is already common to wear shorts at music festivals. Shorts will keep you comfortable and at the same time, they are easy to pair with any top and shoes. If you do border on very short shorts though, there is a chance that people can already see your butt cheeks. You may get uncomfortable the whole time and you will fidget with your shoes instead of enjoying the music produced by the best bands.
  3. Anything Suede – You know that your suede boots will look amazing with the rest of your outfit but you have to remember that when it comes to suede, it will never become clean again once it becomes dirty.
  4. Weird Accessories – The type of accessories that people wear always change from year to year. There was a time when it was popular to wear wooden accessories. There was also a time when wearing shades that are too big was the norm. Even if you are tempted to conform, don’t. The accessory that you are going to wear will not go with your whole outfit anyway.
  5. Just A Bra – You may want to show everyone that you already have naturally large breasts because of the natural breast enhancements you have tried doing but wearing just a bra for the music festival is letting you expose too much. You can learn more about things you should not wear here.

What will you wear in the next music festival?

How You Can Enjoy a Music Festival to the Fullest

Music festivals have become an essential part of summer breaks now. There’s no better feeling than spending the entire day jamming to music and partying with your friends. In order to make the best of it, you need to make sure that you are completely prepared for anything.

How You Can Enjoy a Music Festival to the Fullest

Check out these four tips to make the best out of your music festival experience.

  1. Arrange your outfits

A major a portion of music festivals is the design. Whether you’re arranging a gathering ensemble with a team of companions or need to create an impression all your own, plan your outfits ahead of time so that you are able to keep all your luggage to a minimum. Check the climate and weather conditions before taking off and plan and pack accordingly.

Picking pieces that will be easy to layer will be vital in case you’re wanting to be out on the town from sun up till sun down! This could include tank tops, shorts, light coats, caps, bodysuits, and dresses. Make sure that the footwear you pack is comfortable as well as extremely stylish! Think sandals, boots and sneakers.

  1. Make a playlist for the drive over to the festival grounds

Once you and your friends have settled into the van, the next best thing to do is to put on a dope songs playlist. Make sure there are all kinds of songs on the playlist, and don’t forget to include your group jams so the entire group can sing along to those on the way over to the festival grounds.

  1. Consider what you’re going to eat and drink

With a specific end goal to endure those long days, it’s essential to keep your body fueled and prepared to go all the way. Having some simple ready to eat food and refreshments at your home base can have all the effect, particularly in case you’re working with a tight budget.

Bring an unfilled water container and utilize the free water stations to top off and stay hydrated for the duration of the day.

For a little bit of that ‘high’ effect without any dangerous health consequences, carry a portable vaporizer with you. Check out these Portable Vaporizer Reviews to learn more about which one you should carry with you and why vapes are much better alternatives to a lot of Portable Vaporizerother options available in the market.

Bring simple mixed drink fixings and spare a few dollars from the occasionally costly lager gardens; sparkling spring water with a fix of vodka, a crush of lime, and a dash of simple syrup make for a heavenly and reviving refreshment that you can undoubtedly make for yourself at camp.

Bring brisk and nutritious food that you don’t need to plan or keep refrigerated like foods grown from the ground bars to keep you going after all other options have been finished.

  1. Plan for the festival campgrounds

Let’s be realistic, music festival campgrounds are entirely gross. Frequently packed and unmaintained, the party never stops at camp and regularly keeps the party going until the small hours of the morning.

Antibacterial wet wipes will be your best friend here; make a point to pack a ton. At the point when showers aren’t available, antiperspirant, dry shampoo, and individual cleanliness wipes are a couple of things you can use to stay crisp and clean. On the off chance that you really anticipate getting any rest by any means, better make a point to bring ear plugs and a rest cover since you never know who’s going to wind up being your neighbor.

Fishy Songs for a Happier Fishing Expedition

Mood music is important for setting the tone for just about anything in your life.  Restaurants, for example play slow music when they have few clients so their guests will linger longer and quick paced music during rush periods to get everyone to eat faster.  When you go on holiday you can either get frustrated on the road when music is annoying you or you can be more relaxed even in traffic by simply switching to the right music.  Music can also greatly improve your fishing trips.  The right songs can help you stay in the mood for fishing and calm down while you are waiting for that big catch.

Fishy Songs for a Happier Fishing Expedition

Top fishy songs for your playlist

Just Fishin by Trace Adkins – The song is perfect for dads who like to fish.  In the song the father takes his daughter fishing and realizes just how special their moment is since she is growing so fast.

Bait a Hook by Justin Moore – The quirky song is just what you need to keep your fishing trip light hearted.  In the song the hubby isn’t worried about his wife leaving him because the new guy can’t even fish.

Catch all the Fish by Brad Paisley – This is the ultimate fishing song since it is just about your fishing trip, drinking and having fun.

Bad Day Fishin by Billy Currington – You can listen to this tune when you don’t get that dream catch you have been hoping for.  The song is perfect for cheering you up.

If the Fish Don’t Bite by Eric Paslay – Another tune to help you feel better if you don’t get that dream catch.

Five Pound Bass by Robert Earl Keen – The song is pretty straightforward.  It is about this big Bass that gets caught.

Grab some fun gear to improve your fishing skills

A good song is great for improving the general mood of a fishing expedition but some new fishing gear is probably the quickest way to get you in the mood for the trip and to improve your general fishing skills and experience.  One of the best pieces of fishing gear that you can get that is sure to bring out your happy is a portable fish finder.  The fish finder functions by sending sound waves into the water.  These sound waves bounce back from objects and you can check the shape and size of the fish finder.  With the fish finder you can find spots in the water that is rich in fish.  You stand a much better chance of getting that dream catch and… well… you know how happy you are when you get that big fish.  You can also click here to have a look at some other terrific fishing gear that will get your heart pumping for the journey.

Some yummy snacks to keep you happy

Good food will always improve your mood.  If you want to be ultimately happy on a fishing trip then you should stock up on some tasty snacks.  With yummy snacks and good fishy songs you probably won’t even feel bad or depressed if you don’t catch anything at all because you will still have a great time.

Musicians in Love with the Sustainability Movement

Some people would call the musicians in love with the sustainability movement, Green Musicians. And, maybe that is not a bad idea. But, we wanted you to get a better picture of the type of musicians we would be focusing on here. We didn’t want you thinking we would only be talking about musicians with the word green in their stage names. So, no, this article isn’t about, Green Day or Pat Green.

Instead, we are interested in considering the artists who are concerned with the planet. Those who could tell you where to get the best jute rugs because jute rugs are biodegradable, fire-resistant, and durable. In fact, these musicians are so sustainability conscious they could probably also tell you how to make your own jute rugs. So, who are they? You are probably wondering.

Musicians in Love with the Sustainability Movement

The Top 7 Green Musicians

These artists are devoted to the well-being of the planet and invest some of their proceeds in an effort to support those who are working to keep this planet green. Here are our personal favorites:

  1. Barenaked Ladies– They are firm supporters of REVERB (learn more). They were some of the first to support the use of alternative fuel by choosing to limit the footprint caused by their constant touring. They use broken guitar strings to make jewelry, eat organic foods, and embrace biodegradable materials whenever they can.
  2. Pearl Jam– They might be a bit dated, but they have aided in the environmental education of young people. In fact, both their time and money has been employed in the sustenance of the Carbon Portfolio Strategy (read more). Their focus is on renewable energy and climate concerns.
  3. KT Tunstall– She’s from Scotland and has helped plant 1500 trees there. Environmental issues have been at the forefront of her platform since she first debuted in 2004. She adds her support to the Carbon Neutral Company by allowing them to monitor her electric and fuel usage. She is quite conscious of these things whenever she is on tour.
  4. Bonnie Raitt– This star can’t make you love her but she sure can make you admire her devotion to sustainability. She held a Green Highway Tour in 2002. And, is a co-founder for the Musicians United for Safe Energy Group who fights the usage of nuclear power. She sets up eco-villages to educate those who attend her concerts.
  5. Dave Matthews Band– They are pretty serious about their green endeavors. They use biodiesel and carbon offsetting in their touring engagements. In fact, they have been reported to have reduced their carbon footprints by nearly 3 million pounds. They even suggest that fans car-pool to their concert.
  6. Norah Jones– Sometimes taking the first steps toward sustainability is worth acknowledgement. Norah Jones is aware of the carbon footprint left by her touring and the entourage that follows her. This is why she has decided to utilize REVERB too.
  7. Willie Nelson– He has been credited with creating his own brand of fuel, affectionately called BioWillie. It is composed, mostly, of soy beans. He helped begin FarmAid which allows proceeds to go to family owned farms that provide organic and healthy foods. And, the real shocker, he loves the idea of using hemp for fuel and clothing. Click this for more information.

Green is good and therefore these musicians are great!

Musicians and Plastic Surgery

Musicians are not free from the desire to remain youthful in appearance. In all points and purposes they are just like every other grouping of celebrities. This means that they are just as prone to getting nose jobs and boob lifts as any other collection of individuals.

Perhaps you are also looking for a way to change your appearance, to become a better image of the self inside. If that’s the case, you might want to start with: In the meantime, you should consider doing a little investigating in the musical world. Some of these musicians are keeping their body modifications secret while others have no problem admitting the work they have had done.

Musicians and Plastic Surgery

9 Well-Known Musicians on Plastic Surgery

As we stated earlier, some of the musicians on this list are perfectly fine with admitting the augmentation they have undergone. However, others will take their secrets to the grave even if everyone else on the planet can see the change. So, without further ado, meet these 9 plastic surgery recipients:

  1. Gwen Stefani– This is an interesting addition to the list since she has been recorded saying that she wanted her children to keep her from her vanity. Yet, according to a well-trusted plastic surgeon, this holdback girl seems to have had eyelid lifts, botox, skin resurfacing, and a nose job. Learn more.
  2. Lady Gaga– She has also claimed to have never had plastic surgery. And, she thinks it promotes insecurity and is quite harmful. Sadly, an insider shared that due to her marriage she wants to look perfect and has been getting laser therapy, botox, and fillers. That same insider said that the star was looking into liposuction too.
  3. Gene Simmons– While you might be inclined to believe he somehow had a tongue extension, the only thing he’s admitting to is a facelift. Apparently he didn’t like his chin.
  4. Barry Manilow– For a short time Mr. Manilow tried to keep his work a secret. But since he had two facelifts, it was pretty hard to hide the change. He eventually admitted them.
  5. Enrique Iglesias– We debated including him on the list since his involvement in beautification is so minute. But, he did have his trademark mole removed. It only took the doctor’s five minutes but his face has been changed nonetheless.
  6. Kenny Rogers– We love Kenny Rogers, but he sure didn’t know when to hold ‘em when he decided to marry a woman 28 years younger than himself. That’s why he got a facelift. The age difference was starting to weigh heavy on his appearance and he didn’t want to look like her father (who he’s 2 years older than). Read more.
  7. Michael Jackson– This one was a hard decision. But, he did have a dimple added to his chin and really, that’s just weird. And then there are the nose jobs too.
  8. Carrie Underwood– She hasn’t revealed anything, but pictures don’t lie. People think this star has had breast augmentation, a nose and forehead job, and lip injections.
  9. Taylor Swift– There are enough rumors around this girl, and one of them involves the highly probable utilization of plastic surgery. Some believe she’s had a breast lift and implants. The pictures seem to say so as well. She still denies it.

To see more celebrities and their plastic surgery results click this.

Get Your Plumbing Fixed Before Going on a Concert Backpacking Journey

Do you love a certain band with all your heart? Then it is time to invest in a large backpack and to save up some cash so you can start following your favorite band all over the world the next time they go on tour.  When you follow your favorite band you don’t just see them in action in all the different parts of the country, you also learn a lot and you get the unique opportunity to see the world, try new things and explore like you have never explored before.  But before you go off on your long journey you should get a plumber to upgrade your home so your home will be in great condition when you return after weeks of travel.

Get Your Plumbing Fixed Before Going on a Concert Backpacking Journey

Everything plumbers can do for your home

Plumbers can do a surprising amount of things for your home.  Some plumbers like the plumbing in Sunshine Coast even offer emergency services where they go out to your home to get any broken tap or large leak solved at any hour of the day or night.  Here are the top ways in which plumbers can assist you before you embark on an adventurous music tour;

Fix leaks – You probably want to limit your home’s expenses while you are away.  It would be terrible to come home to an expensive water bill due to all the leaks in your home.  A good plumber can get all of those leaks sorted out for you or perhaps even switch off your water completely while you are away from home.

Fix clogs – A clogged drain can be terrible for a home if water starts oozing up all over your floors.  And the problem won’t just disappear by itself.  A plumber can get any drain unclogged for you in no time at all so you can come home to a fully functioning drain system.

Upgrade old pipe systems – Old pipe systems get clogged up on the inside which could affect your water pressure levels.  Upgrading these systems will help you enjoy showers more, run tubs faster and wet your garden a lot easier.

New installations – A plumber can assist you with any new installation such as a gas water heating system, a dishwasher or washing machine.

Modernize your water solutions – Plumbers can help you modernize your home by installing water purification systems which will enable you to drink tap water and home heating solutions such as a boiler for your home.

Why you should consult with a plumber before moving into a new home

If you don’t want to pay rent while on your tour you can always give up your apartment and look for a new one when you return from the journey.  A landlord can hold a tenant responsible for charges of a blocked drain or leaky pipes if the leaks or blocked drain was in good order before moving in.  It is always wise to get a plumber to check out the drain and water systems before moving into a new apartment so you will have proof that certain problems was there before you came and thus won’t be responsible for the repair bill.

Shootings at Music Concerts

We all love music. We enjoy, beyond comprehension, all the thrill tied up in live concerts and fan-based devotion. The ability to ascertain whether a musician is truly gifted can only be reached when the music is live. So, it’s a rough situation when there are shootings at the concerts we attend. No one wants to witness, or be part of, a violent crime. But they happen.

This list is designed to illuminate the most recent instances of shootings at popular concerts. It might be the reason you choose to obtain your concealed weapons permit to carry. It also might be the catalyst that makes you consider more serious home defense options like an AR-15 and the best AR-15 scope available. Regardless, you will at least know the types of concerts that generally contribute to those sorts of behaviors.

Shootings at Music Concerts

Most Recent Shootings at Music Concerts

We are inundated with bad news, and while we hate to be the bearers of additional troubling information, we would like you to be an informed consumer. This list will hopefully help you determine which concerts are the best to avoid:

  • Before You Exit & Christina Grimmie Concert- The concert was held in Orlando in June of 2016. This was an isolated incident. The gunman was after Christian Grimmie, a former contestant on The Voice. He shot and killed her and then took his own life as well. You can read the details by clicking this.
  • The Lord’s Motorcycle Club Concert- Since this occurred in Austria, in May of 2016, we are not sure who the musicians were. Apparently a man, who later killed himself, shot the bullets randomly into an open air concert. One attendee claimed there was a rapid succession of approximately 40 bullets. There were two people killed and eleven people wounded.
  • I. Concert- In May of 2016 one man was killed, two people were shot, and three others injured while attending a T.I. rap show in New York City. Cops were surprised that guns made it into the venue because there were metal detectors and security. You can read all about this right here.
  • Cole: Forest Hills Drive Tour- This concert featuring J. Cole, YG, Big Sean, and Jeremih happened in August of 2015. One person died and others were injured during this hip-hop concert in New York City.
  • Chris Brown Concert- This happened in January of 2015. The concert was held in San Jose, California. Five people were injured in that shooting, but none were critical. Apparently a shooting occurred at another of his concerts the year before. That was when Suge Knight sustained multiple gunshot wounds. You can read the whole thing here.
  • NAS, Flying Lotus & Schoolboy Q Concert- In June of 2014, three people were shot at this rap concert. Schoolboy Q was apparently the main target but he was uninjured. This incident happened in Morrison, Colorado.
  • Rocklahoma Concert- One man was shot at this concert. It happened in May of 2014 in Pryor, Oklahoma. There was not a lot of information about this situation.

It would appear that May is a pretty dangerous month for concert goers. Additionally, the majority of these incidents occurred at rap and/or hip hop concerts. It is unfortunate that those who choose to sing about the gangster life also bring that type of behavior and clientele to their musical performances. Consider this before you pick your next musical foray.

The Best Home-Grown Snacks for Your Next Music Festival

Nothing goes better with great music than great food.  Just because you are going to be spending a day or more at a music festival, it does not mean you cannot have access to healthy snacks.  Whether for the car ride their, to eat while camping onsite, or while walking across the venue, these healthy snacks provide portable options that can easily be enjoyed anywhere.  Consider growing these fruits and vegetables to get your healthy snacking on track.

The Best Home-Grown Snacks for Your Next Music Festival

Your Snacks Are Only as Healthy as You Make Them

When growing your own snacks, it is important to realize that they will only be as healthy as you make them.  In order to ensure the plants have their nutritional needs met, you will need to tend to the soil by ensuring enough organic material is present to allow the fruits and vegetables to thrive.  If you are looking for a way to create your own compost quickly, the Worm Factory is a great solution, especially for smaller spaces, as it is designed to help cut down on the time required to create wonderful, usable compost.  Traditional composting bins can also be used if you have the time available to wait before adding your own compost to the soil.

Home-Grown Healthy Options

The best way to ensure your healthy options will satisfy is to have a wide variety of options to curb all kinds of food cravings.  This requires planting fruits and vegetables with a variety of flavors and textures, but the exact types chosen can be determined based on the amount of space you have available.

For a sweet tooth, a variety of berries may provide a wonderful flavor.  Certain berries, like blueberries and raspberries, can be grown in outdoor gardens or containers, allowing those who cannot dedicate an outdoor space to gardening an opportunity to enjoy these fresh fruits while wandering from music stage to music stage, or on the ride to the venue.

If you already enjoy sunflower seeds, consider growing sunflowers in your outdoor garden.  Not only do they provide an attractive display when in bloom, they also create a wonderful snack that is easy to transport and store regardless of the weather.

When you need a crunchy vegetable, consider carrots or celery.  Not only are these lower calorie options, they are also easy to enjoy at home, at the show, and on the go.  As an added bonus, celery can often be regrown from the leftover base of celery purchased at the grocery store, avoiding any additional costs to get started.

Sugar snap peas are also a tasty option that doesn’t require any refrigeration, allowing them to be enjoyed no matter where you are.  Cherry tomatoes can also be grown in containers for a refreshing snack.  While they are also highly portable, it is important to store them in a place where they will not get squished.

Supplement Home-Grown Options

Once you have your home-grown snacks ready, add a variety of other options to round-out the selection.  Jerky is available in a wide variety of flavors and can be safely stored regardless of the temperature at the show.  Crackers can provide a nice compliment, as well as a simple shelf-stable spread like peanut butter (as long as it is not the type that requires refrigeration).  With all of those items in tow, your concert-based snack needs should be easily met.

Check out the only Music Festival held in New York

Music festivals are fun and great for the soul. There is one specific music festival that is held in New York once a year that shouldn’t be missed. This festival is called the Governor’s Ball. It is held once a year on Governor’s Island and lasts for about 2 days. There are so many fun activities at this ball and the great part is that you are a stone throw away from the most alive city and sightseeing is a must. Here are a few fun things to look forward to at the next Governor’s ball. Click here for information about the festival.

Check out the only Music Festival held in New York

Fantastic musical entertainment

The Governor’s Ball features some of the top music artists every year and you will get a chance to experience them first hand. Sing along to your favorite songs and dance till you drop at this amazing festival. With artist like Death cab for cutie, Beck and M83 there is really something for everyone so make it a group event or invite the whole family. The more the merrier and if you have no one to go with remember there will be loads of people to mingle with.

Mini Golf

There are 4 courses of fun waiting for you at the festival which means you can show off your golfing abilities while enjoying the performance of your favorite artists at this thriving festival.

The Honda artists signing shack

One place where you can gather the autographs of all your favorite artists, imagine that! What is better than watching your favorite artists perform? Actually meeting them and getting an autograph that you can keep forever.

The Miller beer hall

A fun and interactive way to spend time with your friends while having beer on tap, sounds like a winner to me! The beer hall promises entertainment with games, interactions and a few musical surprises.

Tito’s airstream lounge

If you are tired and weary from partying too hard or walking too much you can pop in at Tito’s to enjoy some air conditioning and much needed downtime. You will also be able to enjoy a delicious cocktail while taking your break. Click here to take a look.

Share a coke, share a song

Ever felt like setting your inner Rock star free? This is fun for everyone. If you go to the Gov ball you get the opportunity to lip sync a song with your family and friends and have the recording to keep forever. You don’t need to use your voice so don’t worry about any embarrassment.

Sightseeing after the festival

You will have the big Apple close enough for a fantastic sightseeing tour. Be sure to check out landmarks like the Empire State building and other fantastic things to see. Also make sure to check out some of the fantastic architecture featured in NYC. And the wonderful interior design done by Juan Pablo Molyneux, who is a great and esteemed interior designer in New York and there are some fantastic examples of his work visible including his gorgeous upper eastside townhouse that he remodeled and designed himself.