Best Music in Australia

Writing about the best music and concert venues can get a little overwhelming. There are so many great musicians out there and an infinite supply of cool places to hear them play. That’s why we decided to take a different route this month and talk about the best music in Australia. It is very rare that we have the opportunity to venture to another continent and partake in their musical genres.

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7 Greatest Songs in Australia in Nearly 30 Years

Thirty years of music means that we are missing a lot of singers and the songs that brought them to the forefront of Aussie thought and popularity. However, when you are limited by space and word count, you have to maneuver through the multitude and choose those pieces you think are best. And that’s how we have come to provide you with the 7 greatest songs in Australia in nearly 30 years:

  1. Are You Gonna Be My Girl– Recorded and performed by Jet in 2003, this song is an Aussie favorite. In fact, it happens to be a favorite party song. Watch the video.
  2. Born to Try– Making its appearance on the debut album, Innocent Eyes, this song was part of the highest selling album in Australia for 10 consecutive years. You should totally listen to the piano ballad accompanied by the voice of Delta Goodrem. Hear this song, here.
  3. Zebra- Perhaps the lyrics will remind you of the American favorite, Ironic, as this song is about actions and opposites. The John Butler Trio performs this catchy piece.
  4. My Happiness– Powderfinger’s lead singer/songwriter, Bernard Fanning, admits that the song was composed due to the loneliness of touring. Powderfinger is a big deal, musically, in Australia.
  5. Dumb Things– The song has quite the fame attached to it, having appeared in TV shows and films. Dumb things is the fourth single released by Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls.
  6. Born to Survive– If you didn’t know that Australians like country music, this song should open your eyes to that truth. It’s Troy Cassar-Daley’s depiction of the tough outback life many Australians understand. Learn more.
  7. Prisoner of Society– This is an older rock piece that stayed at the top of the charts when it was released in the late 1990s. The Living End made a distinctive impact on Generation X with this anthem.

Australian music is certainly interesting, in that it spans the gamut of rock to country and back to piano ballads. Take some time out of your day to day grind and listen to music from other countries. You might find something you like, or else you will learn to better appreciate the music associated with your own country and culture. Seriously, listen.

Incredible Nootropics for Musicians and Other Creatives

People are using nootropics to improve their memories and their ability to concentrate. Some are using them to reduce depression and fight dementia. The truth is, nootropics are the hottest thing on the market these days. So, it is no wonder that we would want to present you with incredible nootropics for musicians and other creatives.

Before we start listing them, you might want to check out the best 13 Nootropics of 2017. That should help you determine which nootropics are best suited for your individual needs. And yes, you can stack some of these to help rectify multiple problem areas. You might want to pay specific attention to: L-theanine, NooPept, Lion’s Mane, and Fish Oil.

Incredible Nootropics for Musicians and Other Creatives

Nootropics Specifically Beneficial for Creative People

There are 6 nootropics that we think are particularly beneficial to musicians and other people who seek to creatively express themselves. These nootropics will aid in improving imagination and will function as overall cognitive enhancers. Check out these nootropics specifically beneficial for creative people:

  • Aniracetam- This is probably the most popular one on the list. It is an AMPA modulator. That’s a serious way of saying it improves AMPA receptor functions as they relate to glutamate. They are receptors linked to sensory perception, memory, and learning. This nootropic will also increase mood and motivation.
  • Piracetam– College students are particularly fond of this one because it doesn’t have any serious side effects. It will help unleash your creativity and foster improved memory. Studies show that it increases the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. This improves mood, focus, creativity, and memory.
  • Coluracetam– This one is pretty new but it is similar to aniracetam. It’s considered a choline uptake enhancer. That means it will enhance your sensory perception and make you more sensitive to external stimuli. Colors will become more vivid, sounds will be heard more clearly, and you’ll feel more relaxed and free to think without hindrance. Learn more.
  • Phenibut– This is a Soviet invented mood enhancer. They created it in the 1960s to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and depression. While it may not specifically make you more creative as a musician or artist, it will enable you to get into a state of mind that allows you to become strictly focused on the task at hand. That will make your creativity flow more seamlessly as you are better prepared to ignore interruptions and distractions that might hinder that flow.
  • Sulbutiamine– This was developed in Japan to remedy mental fatigue. Being an artist can be incredibly challenging and tiring. This nootropic allows you to improve your memory and concentration which will aid your imagination and creativity. It can also ease your bouts of writer’s block so that your best songs can come out as rapidly and completely as they want to.
  • NooPept– This one is synthetic which might contribute to its potency. It is a peptide nootropic that provide psychostimulatory and neuroprotective properties. Basically, it is designed to do everything you want in a nootropic. But, because it is a highly potent synthetic, you should be careful while taking it and pay close attention to the side effects. Read more.

While it might be a little difficult to ascertain which nootropic is best suited for musicians and other creatives, the ones on this list are guaranteed to offer you some beneficial results. But, do your research so you understand all the side effects. You can learn more about that here.

How to Enjoy Music from Your Computer

Technology wise, music has come a long way.  The first ever recorded sound was recorded by Thomas Edison and the first ever recorded song was recorded by a French printer and bookseller; Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville.  Music technology went through lots of changes and advancements since then and today you can listen to music in just about any vehicle and on just about any electronic device.  You can stream music through your phone, listen to music on the radio, enjoy your favorite tunes on an iPod and if you like the traditional way, you can still attend live concerts.  One of the best ways to enjoy music is with your computer.  When you play music from your computer you can view music videos or play a large variety of music for endless hours but the best reason to enjoy music on your computer is so you can alter the sound quality according to your needs and enjoy higher quality sound from various sources without having to struggle with CD’s.

How to Enjoy Music from Your Computer

Copy your CD’s to MP3 / MP4

Yes, it is completely legal to copy your CD’s to digital form as long as you bought the original CD’s and as long as you don’t share these copied files with friends or sell them online.  It is much safer to transfer your music to digital form so your CD’s will remain scratch free for longer.

Download music from the net

You can also download lots of music from the internet by subscribing to certain music channels or by buying the digital format of certain songs.

Download a music player for your PC

To play music from your computer, you will need to download a music player for your computer.  Lots of different music player apps and programs are available online.  iTunes, Winamp, Spotify, Xune, Nero MediaHome, AIMP, MpcStar and Songbird are just a few of the apps that you can download to play your music or music videos.

Stream live music from websites

You can even broadcast music live from music websites or radio stations and skip the need for a music player entirely.  The only problem is that you won’t be able to create your own playlist or skip tunes whenever you like because you need to listen to the program provided.

Get some good desktop computer speakers

A set of good speakers is a must for your PC or your sound will always come out fuzzy and blurry. If you are planning on using your PC for lots of music then it might be wise to invest a bit more in good quality large speakers like the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 that comes with a 130-watt sub.  This fantastic set of computer speakers offers clear heights and rich bass.  You can play incredibly loud volumes and the set has a nice design that will look attractive on your desk.  If you are looking for something smaller than the Creative T15 is also a terrific set to consider since they are small, elegant and allows you to enjoy movies and music as clearly as a hi-fi system.

Why It Is Good For You to Follow a Band on Tour

A lot of young people have a very big heart’s desire to follow their favorite band on tour.  Those that actually do this usually do it on a gap year or a spring break.  Lots of people advice against following a band on tour because they see it as a waste of time and money.  But following your favorite band on tour has a lot more up sides than you might think.  Here are the top reasons to take the plunge and follow your favorite band the next time they hit the road.

Why It Is Good For You to Follow a Band on Tour

Traveling is good experience

Traveling is good for your physical and mental health and especially for learning new things.  When you travel a lot you learn a lot about the world, different people, different cultures, different styles and different techniques on how to do things.  Stephen Collins, for example spent 17 years abroad in countries like the United States, France, Mexico and more.  While exploring these areas and having fun he fell in love with fashion and architecture and later started his very own interior design firm that was fueled with personal experience and inspiration he found on his journeys. By following your favorite band on tour you might just get that brilliant idea or develop that passion that could one day mean an own business for you.

You make lots of memories

While you follow your band on tour you do much more than just attend concerts and festivals.  You and your friends make a lot of fun memories and can do a lot of fun things along the way.  You can explore, see and have a great time.

Build self confidence

When you do more and see more you have more to share with friends and family which makes you a much more interesting person.  By exploring the world and having a good time you build your own personal self-confidence.

Learn to be flexible

While on tour you need to be flexible and you need to travel light.  These skills will definitely come in handy for the rest of your life because if you are more flexible you will seize more opportunities and if you are one of those people who can get by with little, you can do a lot more and enjoy life a lot easier.

See the world

It is great fun to see different places, towns, cities, countries and experience what it is like to live in different areas of the world.  There is no better way to get to know different places than to explore it for yourself because books and TV shows often show only what they want you to see.

Discover yourself

When you struggle on your own, do things on your own and make your own decisions you truly learn who you are.  You discover your own unique personality and you learn just what a strong person you truly are.

You get to listen to music!

And of course you get to listen to all of your favorite songs and see your favorite band hit it off at each and every different town and location which is a fantastic experience in itself.

How to Play Well at a Music Festival

Perhaps you and your band are being considered to play at a music festival. It is natural to feel ecstatic about this because this is one opportunity that is not given to everyone. At the same time, you may feel nervous because you cannot control other factors when you are playing outdoors. You can expect that your guitar will not sound as good as it usually would when you have gigs at night. The tone may be weak and it may not be heard by the crowd. You have to be prepared for these so you can still play as well as you usually do.

You have to expect that if you do get chosen to play in an outdoor music festival, there will not be enough time for you to do a sound check. There are a lot of bands usually signed up and the time is very limited. The best thing to do is try to practice in open air and try to practice until you find the right way of playing that makes the instrument that you are playing sound good.

How to Play Well at a Music Festival

Another tip that you have to remember is to have all of the necessary accessories needed for your musical instruments. For example, if you need trombone stands then do not hesitate to search for the one that you need. This is also the same for other instruments. If you need a pick for your string instrument, then have the right pick ready. You do not want to suffer from cramps while you are playing, right? This will only dissatisfy the crowd. Here are other tips that will allow you to play well at music festivals:

  • Pick the right songs to play – A lot of times bands and artists that are chosen to play at music festivals depend on the genre. If your genre fits well with the music festival then you have to pick songs that will encapsulate that genre. You can get the crowd pumped up by doing this.
  • Make sure that you are ready – You may be exceptionally good but you have not been noticed by a record label yet. A lot of the bands that are asked to play at music festivals have released at least one original song. If you have not done this yet but you were chosen, then you are extremely lucky.
  • Know how to stand out – This may be hard to do with the great number of bands competing for that one slot in music festivals but if you and the rest of your band mates would show that you are different then you can be memorable.
  • Be active in social media – Prior to playing in a music festival, it will always help if you are already recognized in the social media scene. This will make sure that you will not be playing in front of a dead crowd when you finally go on stage.

Playing in a music festival is never easy but it can be great privileges too so do not miss it.

3 Ways to Make Music Festivals More Exciting

Music festivals are no longer restricted to just music; there’s a lot more to them now. Keeping people entertained is not an easy thing to do, and that is why people love to combine different adventures and activities to music festivals to keep them interesting and interactive for the audience and attendees. If you’re looking for ideas on what activities and adventures can be arranged on such music festivals, then check out this interesting list:

3 Ways to Make Music Festivals More Exciting

  1. Hula hooping

Hula hooping is so IN – with games and activities being designed around hula hooping. From kids to adults to fitness freaks, everyone is interested in hula hooping. It is a great way to have fun and to stay fit. Since you’ll be attending a music festival, it would be an awesome idea to play hula hoop musical chairs.

What you need to do is create a big square by placing 4 cones in 4 corners. Everyone should be instructed to stay inside the square. Then, scatter the hula hoops at random spots within the boundaries of that square. The number of hula hoops should be one less than the number of people participating in the game. Have the participants stand on a random spot. Participants would then walk along the lines of the square while the music is playing, and as soon as the music stops, all participants would have to run inside the square and occupy one hula hoop per person. The person who is left without a hula hoop in the end would be eliminated. Continue the ongoing rounds in this manner.

  1. Bike cruising

If the music festival is taking place near a beach or any sandy/rocky terrain, then there is no better option than bike cruising. Gather the best cruiser bikes and get to cruising! People will especially enjoy this activity if they get to take part in beach cruising. Make sure that you go through a detailed guide before you buy/rent cruise bikes as a lot of things need to be considered. One example is that when it comes to sizing, buyers get to choose between a women’s or a men’s frame. Next, choose whether you want a bike with gears or without.

If all these factors are considered while purchasing a cruiser bike, the experience will definitely be enhanced!

  1. Volleyball

Once again, if the music festival is taking place on a beach, then beach volleyball is the go-to activity for all the attendees who are sport-lovers. Imagine playing volleyball on the sand, with the sun setting in the background and your favorite bands and singers playing your favorite music. Does it not sound like a dream come true!?

Another way to make it more interesting is to make teams out of all participating members and turn it into a competition. If the music festival is spread over a course of days, then match the volleyball competition accordingly. In the end, make sure that you reward the winning team! Maybe the winners get to go backstage and meet the singers or something!? Make it worthwhile!

Fun things to do in Philly

If you are craving a good time and don’t feel like being indoors there are a couple of fantastic things that you can do in Philly. For a day of fresh air and sunshine you might just have to go around the corner. All you need is perhaps your bike or your kayak or your taste for music. A water bottle might be a good addition as well. There is so much to do in this thriving city and just outside of it including horse trails, wine tasting and many others.

Fun things to do in Philly

Walking in the Square

Rittenhouse Square is better known as Philly’s most popular town square.  Many locals and tourist frequent this location because of its picturesque and lush atmosphere. There are many trees to admire and enjoy and you will be able to enjoy a massage at a spa or eat some delicious meals at one of the many restaurants. If you are in the mood for some shopping you will love the boutiques and jewelry stores.

Fairmount Park

One of the best locations to enjoy the stillness and serenity of nature is to visit Fairmount Park. There are many landscaped gardens to enjoy with a tea house and koi pond on the grounds. Pack a picnic, enjoy a cup of tea or just breathe at this wonderful place. Click here to read more about Fairmount Park.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

An amazing location where cyclists, runners and families enjoy rolling hills and wonderfully set trails. You will have more than 3600 acres to explore which will give you the freedom to get lost in nature. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is a lot of it to enjoy with this historical location.

Architecture and Politics

There are many historical buildings to admire in Philly. This is a city with a lot of history and a fair and just political system. Take a look at Philly 3.0 to read more about to read more about a council committee in Philly that consists mainly of successful business owners. These gentlemen are informed and make sure that their first order of the day is items of a political nature in Philly.

Liberty Music Festival

For the music lover there is much to do in Philly but the most important event not to miss is the Liberty music festival. In a city that houses the Liberty bell you will be able to enjoy hours of entertainment, good music and speakers with a good story to share. This is one of the main attractions in Philly and happens once a year for tourists and locals to enjoy. Click here to read more about this exciting music festival.

Franklin Square

You will find hours of entertainment at one of the favorite spots to go in Philly. There is something for the whole family to enjoy with carousel rides, good food and mini-golf. These locations were laid out by William Penn. Sit on the bench or have a picnic with your loved ones as you watch the world go by.

How to Create a Vintage Dance Floor for Your Vintage Event

A party is not a party without music.  And if there is music there should be dancing.  Vintage vibe parties are now more popular than ever before because it gives guests something interesting to look at and a vintage vibe is something they don’t get in just about any club or event.  Vintage dance floors works with just about any event.  Vintage weddings are fantastic, vintage can be a great theme for a prom night, vintage birthday parties are great fun and vintage business events are not quite as boring if you add some feel good music to your vintage dance floor.  If you are planning a big event then a vintage dance floor should definitely include on your entertainment list.

How to Create a Vintage Dance Floor for Your Vintage Event

Tell your guests to dress for the occasion

If your guests could arrive in vintage themed clothing then your dance floor will definitely have that vintage feel.  Create a vintage invitation and inform everyone that there is going to be some retro dancing so they can dress to match your dance floor and sharpen up on their swing dance moves.

Get a record player

Even if you get a band, they cannot sing all night long.  A vintage looking record player is just what you need for your dance floor.  On you can shop some of the best looking retro record players.  These record players will give your dance floor that true vinyl feeling.  There are several different record players featured on the site and you can even check out some of the reviews to find out more about the different record players.

Get a retro singer

Retro singers are hard to find but they are a must if you want your dance floor to really have that retro feel.  Some retro singers will arrive at your event in full vintage attire and they even have a show prepared that contains retro songs and retro performances to suit your event.

Make vintage signage

Vintage signage is great for guiding our guests towards the dance floor and for decorating your dance floor.  You can get a graphic designer to create you a custom printable signage such as dance floor rules or dance floor quotes that will go great with your vibe.  Light up dance floor signs can also be handmade and will definitely add a hint of whimsical to your dance floor. Chalk boards are also fantastic for signage because they look retro and you can customize your chalkboards any way you like.

Use vintage lighting techniques

Choose your lighting according to your dance theme.  For an elegant vintage feel you can use romantic lanterns and tea candles to light up your dance floor.  If you are going for a retro dance floor then a disco ball and some disco lights will bring out the swing in everyone’s steps.

Get vintage decorations

Vintage decorations like hanging vintage photographs, lace doilies, metress paper cutouts and hanging paper flags or a cotton candy chart are all terrific ways to create a much more retro feel for your dance floor.

How New Bands Can Inform Everyone of Concerts

Getting people to recognize your talents is one of the toughest parts of starting a band. You can have mad music skills and no one will recognize you if you don’t do proper marketing for your concerts and music.  A lot of good talent goes unnoticed simply because it is so hard to get people to start paying attention to your name.  People love to enjoy live concerts.  They can have a laugh with friends, dance till they get dizzy and have a blast.  If you want to get people to know about you then it is time to fit in as many live concerts as possible. But it can be tough to let everyone know of your latest gig when you have to perform on short notice.  Here are some great ways to inform everyone of concerts so you can start luring in listeners every time you perform.

How New Bands Can Inform Everyone of Concerts

Bundle SMS

Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to notify everyone of your concerts because you are sending them a direct message to their phones.  They don’t have to log onto the net to see news and there is no other information that can distract them from the message. With Bulk SMS you can simply type a message and send the same message to thousands of numbers in an instant.  You don’t have to retype the message hundreds of times and you don’t have to forward to hundreds of numbers.  Bulk SMS is super easy and super-fast.  You simply type your message, upload your contact list and send.  Any news regarding concerts, performances, band news and sudden changes will be sent and your listeners will never go disappointed.   Everyone will instantly be notified of your concert within minutes and it doesn’t even cost as much since bulk SMS is super cheap so start collecting names and numbers so you can promote and be heard.


Email allows you to add a photo or even an audio file of your songs which is great for giving your listeners a taste of what is to come during the fun concert.  You can send the same email to hundreds of addresses and get your band advertised instantly.

Social media

On social media you can share photos, audio files and information on your big performance.  Social media is great for marketing because every time they like your post or share a photo, your band will be marketed to all of your friend’s friends.

Posters & flyers

Print some fun posters and stick them in people rich areas like grocery stores or beside a road.  You can also give out flyers or perhaps stuff flyers in postal boxes and promote your company even further.

Radio adverts

Radio advertising is one of the best ways to get your songs heard.  A good radio station can reach thousands of ears in an instant and they are sure to lure in many listeners and fans to your performances.  You can give all the radio listeners a good sample of your songs to prick their interest and advertise your latest concert instantly.

Log Home Loving Musicians

Musicians are the energy behind the music we all know and love. So, it is always interesting to find out what drives them. We wanted to know what musicians found value in the rustic life of log home living. There is something back-to-nature about curling up within the confines of a log-walled abode. And, certainly the celebrities in our list would agree.

If you have ever considered purchasing one, this is the best place for you to find log home builders. With over 35 years in the industry, this family owned business can provide you with all your log home needs. Whether you are looking for a simple log cabin, or an elaborate custom designed log mansion like the one Yoko Ono owns, that link will steer you to the right place.

Log Home Loving Musicians

10 Log Home Owning Musicians

Now it’s time to learn which of our favorite musicians owns a log cabin. We will admit that it should not be too surprising that the people on this list are mostly located within the country music genre. There is something about that twang that makes it highly more likely that a rustic leaning exists. So, without further ado, meet these 10 log home owning musicians:

  1. Charlie Daniels– Charlie has his log home on his property at Twin Pines Ranch.
  2. Paul McCartney– Our first, non-country musician on the list, Paul McCartney actually tore down his “real” house as a means of preserving his log home in East Sussex. You can read the full story right here.
  3. Alan Jackson– Jackson actually sold his mansion, and 135 acres, which included a really cute log cabin. Apparently the property went for $28 million. That was $10 million below his asking price.
  4. Willie Nelson– Willie lives on an 800 acre complex that includes his cypress log cabin, a golf course, a recording studio and Luck, Texas, his very own western-movie style town. Learn more.
  5. Brad Paisley– Paisley’s log home is located just outside of Nashville. It’s a multi-story abode with a big red barn on the property to house his horses.
  6. Hank Williams, Jr.– Although he’s on this list, we couldn’t seem to locate any specifics about his log home. Sorry. However, we can tell you it is located in Buchanan, TN.
  7. Aaron Tippin– Tippin live near Nashville on 300 acres of forest. His log home is quite spacious and the property includes his very own 2000 foot landing strip as he is an avid pilot. You can read all about him here.
  8. Yoko Ono- Located in Upstate New York, Yoko Ono’s cabin is quite expansive. She is our additional non-country musician on the list. You can see an aerial view of her home by clicking this.
  9. Mel Tillis– You can find Mel Tillis’s house in Ashland, TN. It’s mostly shaded by trees and surrounded by a nice chunk of land.
  10. Tanya Tucker– In 2007, Tanya sold her 207 acres, which included older log homes built in the 20s and 30s. She then moved to Malibu and was in danger of losing everything to the fires that transpired there at that time.

Log homes are great places to live and when you are a musician with tons of money, it is easy to see why you would build one on your extensive property. Hank Williams Sr.’s fishing cabin still stands in Alabama, in case you’re interested in taking a trip!