Set Up A Recording Studio in Your Home!

In the old days, there were very fewer chances that you could invest in your hobby. It was either impossible or unaffordable. The situation in this day and time is contrary to old times. Technology has made everything easy to access. Let’s talk about music. Most of the people now own at least one musical instrument. Some take it as a hobby whole other strive to make it in music industry someday. To reach that level, you must have a semi-professional recording studio. You won’t have to bear a lot of expenses if you utilize your own room or a spare room in your house. Here is how:

Set Up A Recording Studio in Your Home!

Set Up A Recording Studio in Your Home!

Choose the best room:

Location of the room is crucial. If you have the option of 2 or 3 rooms, avail that. More importantly. Know the thing you should avoid. Here they are.

  • Small space: Stop right there if you think you can manage small space for a recording studio. You would need room for extra musicians and your ever-growing gear collection.
  • Noise: Some noises do not seem like loud enough to cause a problem, but they are clear you hear the recording through microphones. So, pay close attention to the things that can cause distractions.
  • Poor flooring: Avoid carpets because they absorb high frequencies that might hurt the acoustic. Tile or hardwood floors work great.
  • Poor acoustics: Small rooms with a low ceiling and irregular surfaces affect acoustics negatively. Make sure the room has a high ceiling and asymmetric walls.

Fill the walls with music theme:

Enhance the appearance of the studio by giving the bare walls an artistic touch. Wall decorations always add life to the room. You would feel motivated when the walls are speaking. There are plenty of decorating ideas on ‘house decorio.’ You can choose from these themes according to your personal preferences. In addition to the ideas for the room, you would find the décor ideas for other places in the house as well, such as staircase wall, kitchen, living room, and even bathroom.

They suggest showcasing your family pictures if you are looking for the ideas to cover the staircase with something incredible. Tropical wall decoration is one of the ideas too. You can make a mix of their ideas with your own. Don’t hesitate to add something you want. Customised walls always look great, and it feels wonderful when you get to see what you want all over your house.

You would also find tips for your kid’s room decoration. Their list of wall art is long enough to give you what you want. So, let your walls be your motivation.

Arrange your workstation:

Once you have chosen the best room with great acoustics, next comes is adding gears. A desk and a chair would be the centerpiece, start with it. You might already have them in your home, use them. The desk should have room for your computer/laptop, speakers, and other minor stuff. Your workstation should look professional.

Arrange your recording station:

You need to do multiple tasks during recording. If you have more than one rooms, that is great. However, if you do not, you would have to make it possible for you to do every task in one room. Divide the room into two stations. A desk area for the engineer that you have already set up and the other is recording area that the musician is going to use. Recording setup cannot be same for everyone. You can either have standard solo setup, dual setup, or a hybrid setup. Make it according to your requirements.