How to Create a Vintage Dance Floor for Your Vintage Event

A party is not a party without music.  And if there is music there should be dancing.  Vintage vibe parties are now more popular than ever before because it gives guests something interesting to look at and a vintage vibe is something they don’t get in just about any club or event.  Vintage dance floors works with just about any event.  Vintage weddings are fantastic, vintage can be a great theme for a prom night, vintage birthday parties are great fun and vintage business events are not quite as boring if you add some feel good music to your vintage dance floor.  If you are planning a big event then a vintage dance floor should definitely include on your entertainment list.

How to Create a Vintage Dance Floor for Your Vintage Event

Tell your guests to dress for the occasion

If your guests could arrive in vintage themed clothing then your dance floor will definitely have that vintage feel.  Create a vintage invitation and inform everyone that there is going to be some retro dancing so they can dress to match your dance floor and sharpen up on their swing dance moves.

Get a record player

Even if you get a band, they cannot sing all night long.  A vintage looking record player is just what you need for your dance floor.  On you can shop some of the best looking retro record players.  These record players will give your dance floor that true vinyl feeling.  There are several different record players featured on the site and you can even check out some of the reviews to find out more about the different record players.

Get a retro singer

Retro singers are hard to find but they are a must if you want your dance floor to really have that retro feel.  Some retro singers will arrive at your event in full vintage attire and they even have a show prepared that contains retro songs and retro performances to suit your event.

Make vintage signage

Vintage signage is great for guiding our guests towards the dance floor and for decorating your dance floor.  You can get a graphic designer to create you a custom printable signage such as dance floor rules or dance floor quotes that will go great with your vibe.  Light up dance floor signs can also be handmade and will definitely add a hint of whimsical to your dance floor. Chalk boards are also fantastic for signage because they look retro and you can customize your chalkboards any way you like.

Use vintage lighting techniques

Choose your lighting according to your dance theme.  For an elegant vintage feel you can use romantic lanterns and tea candles to light up your dance floor.  If you are going for a retro dance floor then a disco ball and some disco lights will bring out the swing in everyone’s steps.

Get vintage decorations

Vintage decorations like hanging vintage photographs, lace doilies, metress paper cutouts and hanging paper flags or a cotton candy chart are all terrific ways to create a much more retro feel for your dance floor.