How to Get Started in Voice Over Jobs and Auditions

If you think you have a great voice and you would love to earn some money from it, then you need to have the right tips to get started in voice over jobs and auditions. With the right tips you can get to wherever you dream of. As much as you may have natural talent, you also need the right training, equipment and resources. Just like other industries are competitive, the voice over industry is also competitive. There are many voice over jobs out there but you need to be polished to get the best deals.

How to Get Started in Voice Over Jobs and Auditions

The things you need to keep in mind as you get into this industry are:

You will need financial investment

For many things, you have to invest some money into it to get polished up. As mentioned earlier, you will need professional recording equipment, voice training, demos, and marketing among many other things and they all need money. It does not however have to be necessarily expensive, the costs are relative it will depend on your budget. You will however in most cases have to spend a tidy sum if you are into professionalism as quality comes with a cost.

You will need time investment

In a way or another, to get polished you have to invest some time. There is nothing that is instant. You will spend time doing the voice trainings, demos, marketing, and recordings among many others. As much as you have the chance of doing voice overs part time once you get started, you have to keep in mind most of the time you will be working with the schedule of clients and they can be really last-minute sometimes  which may be inconveniencing. You should also keep in mind that you may be required to do revisions sometimes and you may have many of emergency projects.

It’s a wide field

The good thing with voice over acting is that it is a wide field with plenty of opportunities which makes it a lot of fun as it is not limiting. You can do audiobooks, cartoons, phone answering systems, and medical training videos among many others. It is therefore important to take time to know what makes you tick so that you don’t burn out quickly. Doing something that bores you will make you to burn out quickly and lose interest in your work.

Be sure what drives you

Just like anything, if you have a driving force you have a chance to achieve greater heights. This will help you set goals that will help you be successful in your new field.


With the right tips and the right driving force, you can easily get voice over jobs and auditions. All you need is the right preparation. Good thing is the internet has a million of opportunities ready to be taken and you can get plenty of opportunities on voice overs there. Having the right coach or mentor will make your journey shorter and easier.