Why Health Insurance Is a Must for Singers

Becoming a singer has many benefits.  You get plenty of fans, so many people adore you, you often hear your songs being played on radio stations and your career involves a lot of traveling.  Singing careers is also one of the safest jobs in the world, or so you may think, right?  Well, this job is actually a lot more dangerous than you think.  Singers are actually quite vulnerable to a lot of diseases and especially larynx cancer, and particularly dangerous form of cancer not to mention all of the dangers involved in jealous haters, traveling and being too popular.

What is laryngeal or larynx cancer?

Laryngeal or larynx cancer is a type of throat cancer.  The larynx is your body’s voice box and is found at the entrance of your windpipe.  Singers are most vulnerable to this form of cancer because they use their larynxes so much and often overuse these voice boxes which can result in cancer.  Some of the symptoms of this condition include the following; a sudden hoarse sounding voice, pain or difficulty swallowing, lumps or swelling in your neck, persistent coughing, pain and earaches and even difficulty breathing.  Larynx cancer is treatable but is still an incredibly dangerous procedure and sometimes involves the removal of the larynx which renders your ability to sing, speak or breathe normally.

Why Health Insurance Is a Must for Singers

Other health risks involved in a singing career

A singing career also involves many other health risks.  The most common risk is the fact that you are incredibly vulnerable to disease since so many fans and people you encounter are ill and can easily spread their disease to you.  Staying healthy on a road trip is one of the toughest things to do for popular singers.  Frequent traveling itself is also incredibly dangerous because of the high number of road accidents.  And then there is the aspect of becoming too popular.  Some people get jealous for the strangest reason and many singers paid for this jealousy with their lives over the years.

Get health insurance now

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Why health insurance is a must

You can be as popular and rich as Riana or Beyoncé and cash will still become an issue if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition.  Proper medical care is expensive and recovering from injuries or diseases takes a long time which can quickly contribute to an incredibly expensive medical bill.  With health insurance you are taken care off no matter how severe your medical condition is and you always have access to good medical care no matter how broke you are this month.