Advertise Your Music Shows with LED Signs

Getting people to attend your music shows is all about marketing. There are many ways that one can advertise a music show such as through the media, on the internet, and even through LED signs. In this article, we are going to look at how you can advertise your music shows with LED signs. As a matter of fact, LED signs can be used to advertise more than just music, they can be used to advertise virtually any type of business. Check out below the ways in which this can be done below:

Outdoor Advertising

Let people know about your music shows or business by using LED signs outdoors. You can use bold statements like to make bold statements such as, “Free Entry for the first 50 guests at the Xtreme Music Fest on 2nd June at the Mall” or “Free autographed CD’s for the first 100 guests!” larger LED signs can be viewed by more people from a distance, and are bound to attract more attention. Those with colorful text and images also attract more, although could cost more. Check local government planning requirements to ensure your LED display is permissible and there is enough power to the sign site.

Advertise Your Music Shows with LED Signs

Indoor Advertising

You can also draw your fans attention to your upcoming shows by strategically placing one or more LED signs in buildings. Flashing LED signs are bound to attract more attention. It could also be a scrolling LED message that creates a “message corner” upon which your fans can see when and where you’re performing. Such signs can be placed in malls and other buildings, private or government owned. You would have to get an agreement with the owners of the establishment.

Vehicular Advertising

The music concert adverts can also be advertised on vehicles such as busses and other suitable cars. This is an effective way because the vehicles are always on the move and the ads get to be seen by a wider audience.

Offsite Locales

Local businesses such as some banks, charitable organizations and credit unions, may be receptive to placing one of your small LED displays in their lobbies. This is a perfect way of tapping into their customers as you inform them of the concerts, music releases and other music news updates. Areas with a lot of traffic are ideal locations for your LED sign displaying appropriate messaging about your business.

Business LED Signs

When it comes to business LED signs, they are the most effective outdoor communication and advertising solution that you can put your money into. Using, people can digitally program their signs, allowing more freedom in the messaging. It provides an easy way to communicate any message or promotion without the limitations of traditional signs. They also weather through harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, strong wind, and direct sunlight.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Business LED Signs


Business LED signs come with software that readily allows users to update their messages and graphics, giving them the ability to program their messages to their convenience.


When it comes to passing traffic on the road, LED Signs are more visible even if there is bright sunlight glaring down, meaning that it can reach a wider audience.

Advertising Cost

LED Signs do not cost much as compared to other types of advertising, and besides, they are more effective.

Increased Business

Business increases between 15-150% whenever a company decides to advertise through LED signs.


Unlike the traditional signs which typically require someone to physically change their messaging, LED signs don’t require that, making them much safer.

LED Sign Advertising Cost Comparison

If you’re familiar with other forms of advertising, I’m pretty sure that you know the costs that come with them. You’ll realize that business LED signs cost a fraction of that.

Compare the cost of other advertising mediums below:

Newspaper Advertising

The average cost for 1000 exposures within a 10-mile radius is $7.39.

Television advertising

The cost on average is $6.26 per 1000 exposures.

Online advertising (Search Engines, Video, Email, Display)

The average cost per 1000 exposures via online advertising online is $3.00 (average)

Radio advertising

The cost is approximately $5.47 per 1000 exposures.

Outdoor LED signs and displays

The cost is less than $0.15 per 1000 exposures. How? Assume, you spend $30,000.00 on a digital outdoor sign, and that its useful life is about 10 years. The daily cost of an Outdoor LED Sign would be about $2.74. Add to this the daily cost of electricity for your new LED sign (approximately $0.20), thus giving your business a daily message center expense total of $8.82. With a daily traffic count of 20,000 vehicles passing your business, you would have a cost of less than $0.45 per thousand exposures (counting drivers only)!

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