Selling Your Music Online

In order for your music to be out there and get recognized you have to put an effort. With the copyright issues there are many artists you are finding it hard to make a profit from their music. With right strategy you can still make money from your music regardless of the market condition. As much as producing music is the main factor that matters, proper marketing goes a long way. Without marketing your music no one will get to know about it. Gone are the days when to market your music you had to wait for a chance to play at the local bar to get noticed; now it can even be done online and practically everywhere. Good news is with the digital era, selling music is also easier as it can be done online. Good thing with online is that people are different parts of the world can get to know about your music.

Ways of selling your music online

Selling Your Music Online

CD baby

CD baby is a site that offers online global music distribution and you get paid weekly for that. It gives you the opportunity to sell and stream your music in many digital stores and outlets. This makes selling music very easy and you can even sell it to the unimaginable. Not only will the site help you to sell and stream your music but it will distribute your CD and Vinyl worldwide. Other than having to go through the hustle of individually selling your music to iTunes, amazon or any other favorite music stores that you may prefer, it does the job for you. It will make sure that your music reach your fans whether it’s on popular streaming platforms such as spotify and apple music or any other platform. Your music can play from anywhere with no additional fees charged.

YouTube monetization

Once an artist produces music most likely it will be available on YouTube. Good news is that YouTube will not charge listeners to listen to the song rather it has other monetization measures that it uses to make sure that the artists get paid.

CD and Vinyl sales

If you opt to do CD and vinyl sales you have to have proper marketing strategy for it to be a success. This is because it may be hard for one to buy the music from you if they don’t know you or have never heard about you.

Digital distribution

You don’t have to use CD baby or any other site to help you do digital distribution rather you can decide to do the digital distribution yourself. One of the popular sites that have gained success is iTunes. You can also sell on amazon and many other stores; it depends on your preference.


Selling online has never been easier than it is right now. There are many other businesses that one can do and are related to music. From Bengu you can get ideas on many online music businesses that you can do.