Tips for Motorcycling to Music Festivals

A great way to impress your friends on music festivals and to have an even better time on these often short lived occasions is to travel to music festivals by motorcycle.  When you enjoy festivals by motorcycle you can enjoy plenty of fresh air, beautiful scenery and you can get around and find parking close to the stages a lot easier.  Motorcycling is terrific and enjoying music concerts is fantastic so by combining the two you are getting the ultimate break for your off weekend.

Tips for Motorcycling to Music Festivals

Get a motorcycle trunk

Backpacks are a mess on a bike because you get a terrible back ache when traveling with the extra weight on your back and it’s much harder to keep your balance at high speeds.  You are probably going to need a few essentials at the music festival so get your bike upgraded by adding a bike trunk where you can store items like a casual outfit, snacks and more.

Pack light

It’s always best to travel light when attending music festivals because by carrying less you can enjoy more freedom and you stand a chance of losing a lot less.

Get a Bluetooth helmet

Want to get in the mood for the music while on the way to the concert?  Then it is time to scout the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets because with one of these helmets you can stream music to your helmet from your phone and enjoy the best tunes on the way.  The Bluetooth helmets are also great for receiving calls on your trip and for interacting with other biking buddies that are accompanying you on the trip.  These helmets also meet all the DOT standards and will protect you in case of a fall thanks to the tough polycarbonate shell.

Always wear safety gear

Biking gear like biking boots, leather jackets and biking pants are a must because these will protect your skin in case of a bad fall.  The biking gear also has a great look that will make you fit right in at any rock concert or rock music festival.  And if you aren’t that keen on showing off your biking style then you can always carry an extra outfit along for the festival.

Travel in a group if you can

Groups are always safer to travel in because a large group of motorcycles are a lot easier to spot and you have someone that can help you in case of a crash.  But one big mistake that most biking groups will make is the distance between bikes.  A lot of bikers will add extra space to prevent collisions between bikes but you are in fact endangering your buddies by leaving too much space because motorists find it hard to pass by and if someone has to choose between colliding into oncoming traffic and crashing into a bike you can be sure that they are going to crash a bike much rather than oncoming traffic.  Keep your bike groups packed closely so others can pass by easily.