Better Care for Your Garden While You Enjoy Music Festivals

Most music festivals only last for a day or two but large festivals can endure for up to an entire week.  These longer and larger music festivals are some of the most fun festivals to enjoy because you also get a taste of camping out since large music festivals allow you to set up a tent so you can get in a good nap between concerts.  It is great fun to camp out with lots of friends while you enjoy crazy drinks and the best music because you can catch up on everything you missed out on between you and your buddies and you get the chance to blow off a lot of steam.  While you are enjoying music you don’t want to worry about how things are going back at home.  You don’t want to worry about your beautiful lawn wilting away, you don’t want to worry about your delicate house plants and you certainly don’t want to worry about your rare plant collections.  Here are some tips on hands free garden care so you can make the most out of your music festival.

Better Care for Your Garden While You Enjoy Music Festivals

Get a fully automated watering system

TLC irrigation Services Perth is the best irrigation and reticulation company to trust for all of your garden watering needs.  This fantastic company will come out to your property to access your exact watering needs.  They can do full installations for new watering systems, repair older systems, determine faults in your watering systems and even bore boreholes in your garden.  By analyzing your garden’s exact watering needs you care much better for your plants and you save a lot of money because you will never overwater again.  The automated watering systems are also great for going on holiday or enjoying music festivals because your garden will receive the needed amount water at exactly the same time as usual.  With an automatic watering system you will never have to come home to a neglected garden again and your plants will grow and flourish much better when they receive the right amount of water at the best suitable times.

Care for house plants while you are going out

Caring for house plants is tricky since you can’t exactly install an automatic irrigation system in house pot plants.  But if there is a will, there is a way and here are the best ways to ensure that house plants survive while you are enjoying a long music festival.

Carry your plants outside – Houseplants might survive well indoors but that doesn’t mean they cannot grow outdoors.  Houseplants will do much better if they are given a bit of sunlight and fresh air every now and then.  By carrying your houseplants outside and placing them under your irrigation systems your plants will grow even through you aren’t there to care for your houseplants.

Make your own plant waterers – If you don’t want to carry your houseplants outside out of fear for insects then you can always make self-watering systems for your potted plants.  You can use a wine bottle to create a water dripper that will ensure that your plants get the needed amount of water no matter how long you journey during music events.