Car Camping at Music Festivals

Car camping is by far the easiest decision you can make for an upcoming food festival. The convenience of carrying and storing essentials in a mobile tent is amazing. That being said, most rookies tend to make mistakes and forget crucial things needed to make their cars suitable for camping. If you want to car camp the right way and get the best festival experience, here’s what you’ll need:

Your car

Nothing is more frustrating than having your gas run out on the way to the festival, or your car breaking down right before your favorite artist goes on stage. Make sure to get your car checked and serviced. Get the car properly cleaned and checked for faults to prevent any future mishap, and plan ahead with good routes and maps to guide you. You’d like your car to be able to withstand two to three days of camping, so it should be well serviced with great tires, and have enough space to store all the necessities you’ll need.


This is a critical choice. You will need to pick a great quality tent that can stand against weather conditions like rain and can accommodate the number of people in your party. Get some other accessories to help boost your tent experiences like LED lights, rugs and chairs. You should also choose the right sleeping bag for your size and comfort. Find a good uphill campsite space beforehand so that your tent set up is both secure and near the festival grounds to make commuting to each event or concert easier.

Food and water

You cannot enjoy a festival without good food. The question is what should you be taking along with you? Long car trips call for storage of food and water that is not perishable, especially if you plan on camping. Take drinks and perishable items in coolers, which can be stored in your car. Pack a large number of snacks since festival foods are usually hard on your wallet, with long lines and suspect food quality. You can even carry along foldable tables and chairs with you to make a diner setup, and some charcoal grills for a great cooking experience for you and your friends. Hydration is important! Remember to store plenty of water for the camp as well.

Car Camping at Music Festivals

Car Camping at Music Festivals

Car speakers

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With these tips and tricks in mind, you should now be able to make the most of your music festival adventure!