Best Music in Australia

Writing about the best music and concert venues can get a little overwhelming. There are so many great musicians out there and an infinite supply of cool places to hear them play. That’s why we decided to take a different route this month and talk about the best music in Australia. It is very rare that we have the opportunity to venture to another continent and partake in their musical genres.

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7 Greatest Songs in Australia in Nearly 30 Years

Thirty years of music means that we are missing a lot of singers and the songs that brought them to the forefront of Aussie thought and popularity. However, when you are limited by space and word count, you have to maneuver through the multitude and choose those pieces you think are best. And that’s how we have come to provide you with the 7 greatest songs in Australia in nearly 30 years:

  1. Are You Gonna Be My Girl– Recorded and performed by Jet in 2003, this song is an Aussie favorite. In fact, it happens to be a favorite party song. Watch the video.
  2. Born to Try– Making its appearance on the debut album, Innocent Eyes, this song was part of the highest selling album in Australia for 10 consecutive years. You should totally listen to the piano ballad accompanied by the voice of Delta Goodrem. Hear this song, here.
  3. Zebra- Perhaps the lyrics will remind you of the American favorite, Ironic, as this song is about actions and opposites. The John Butler Trio performs this catchy piece.
  4. My Happiness– Powderfinger’s lead singer/songwriter, Bernard Fanning, admits that the song was composed due to the loneliness of touring. Powderfinger is a big deal, musically, in Australia.
  5. Dumb Things– The song has quite the fame attached to it, having appeared in TV shows and films. Dumb things is the fourth single released by Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls.
  6. Born to Survive– If you didn’t know that Australians like country music, this song should open your eyes to that truth. It’s Troy Cassar-Daley’s depiction of the tough outback life many Australians understand. Learn more.
  7. Prisoner of Society– This is an older rock piece that stayed at the top of the charts when it was released in the late 1990s. The Living End made a distinctive impact on Generation X with this anthem.

Australian music is certainly interesting, in that it spans the gamut of rock to country and back to piano ballads. Take some time out of your day to day grind and listen to music from other countries. You might find something you like, or else you will learn to better appreciate the music associated with your own country and culture. Seriously, listen.