Incredible Nootropics for Musicians and Other Creatives

People are using nootropics to improve their memories and their ability to concentrate. Some are using them to reduce depression and fight dementia. The truth is, nootropics are the hottest thing on the market these days. So, it is no wonder that we would want to present you with incredible nootropics for musicians and other creatives.

Before we start listing them, you might want to check out the best 13 Nootropics of 2017. That should help you determine which nootropics are best suited for your individual needs. And yes, you can stack some of these to help rectify multiple problem areas. You might want to pay specific attention to: L-theanine, NooPept, Lion’s Mane, and Fish Oil.

Incredible Nootropics for Musicians and Other Creatives

Nootropics Specifically Beneficial for Creative People

There are 6 nootropics that we think are particularly beneficial to musicians and other people who seek to creatively express themselves. These nootropics will aid in improving imagination and will function as overall cognitive enhancers. Check out these nootropics specifically beneficial for creative people:

  • Aniracetam- This is probably the most popular one on the list. It is an AMPA modulator. That’s a serious way of saying it improves AMPA receptor functions as they relate to glutamate. They are receptors linked to sensory perception, memory, and learning. This nootropic will also increase mood and motivation.
  • Piracetam– College students are particularly fond of this one because it doesn’t have any serious side effects. It will help unleash your creativity and foster improved memory. Studies show that it increases the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. This improves mood, focus, creativity, and memory.
  • Coluracetam– This one is pretty new but it is similar to aniracetam. It’s considered a choline uptake enhancer. That means it will enhance your sensory perception and make you more sensitive to external stimuli. Colors will become more vivid, sounds will be heard more clearly, and you’ll feel more relaxed and free to think without hindrance. Learn more.
  • Phenibut– This is a Soviet invented mood enhancer. They created it in the 1960s to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and depression. While it may not specifically make you more creative as a musician or artist, it will enable you to get into a state of mind that allows you to become strictly focused on the task at hand. That will make your creativity flow more seamlessly as you are better prepared to ignore interruptions and distractions that might hinder that flow.
  • Sulbutiamine– This was developed in Japan to remedy mental fatigue. Being an artist can be incredibly challenging and tiring. This nootropic allows you to improve your memory and concentration which will aid your imagination and creativity. It can also ease your bouts of writer’s block so that your best songs can come out as rapidly and completely as they want to.
  • NooPept– This one is synthetic which might contribute to its potency. It is a peptide nootropic that provide psychostimulatory and neuroprotective properties. Basically, it is designed to do everything you want in a nootropic. But, because it is a highly potent synthetic, you should be careful while taking it and pay close attention to the side effects. Read more.

While it might be a little difficult to ascertain which nootropic is best suited for musicians and other creatives, the ones on this list are guaranteed to offer you some beneficial results. But, do your research so you understand all the side effects. You can learn more about that here.