How to Play Well at a Music Festival

Perhaps you and your band are being considered to play at a music festival. It is natural to feel ecstatic about this because this is one opportunity that is not given to everyone. At the same time, you may feel nervous because you cannot control other factors when you are playing outdoors. You can expect that your guitar will not sound as good as it usually would when you have gigs at night. The tone may be weak and it may not be heard by the crowd. You have to be prepared for these so you can still play as well as you usually do.

You have to expect that if you do get chosen to play in an outdoor music festival, there will not be enough time for you to do a sound check. There are a lot of bands usually signed up and the time is very limited. The best thing to do is try to practice in open air and try to practice until you find the right way of playing that makes the instrument that you are playing sound good.

How to Play Well at a Music Festival

Another tip that you have to remember is to have all of the necessary accessories needed for your musical instruments. For example, if you need trombone stands then do not hesitate to search for the one that you need. This is also the same for other instruments. If you need a pick for your string instrument, then have the right pick ready. You do not want to suffer from cramps while you are playing, right? This will only dissatisfy the crowd. Here are other tips that will allow you to play well at music festivals:

  • Pick the right songs to play – A lot of times bands and artists that are chosen to play at music festivals depend on the genre. If your genre fits well with the music festival then you have to pick songs that will encapsulate that genre. You can get the crowd pumped up by doing this.
  • Make sure that you are ready – You may be exceptionally good but you have not been noticed by a record label yet. A lot of the bands that are asked to play at music festivals have released at least one original song. If you have not done this yet but you were chosen, then you are extremely lucky.
  • Know how to stand out – This may be hard to do with the great number of bands competing for that one slot in music festivals but if you and the rest of your band mates would show that you are different then you can be memorable.
  • Be active in social media – Prior to playing in a music festival, it will always help if you are already recognized in the social media scene. This will make sure that you will not be playing in front of a dead crowd when you finally go on stage.

Playing in a music festival is never easy but it can be great privileges too so do not miss it.