3 Ways to Make Music Festivals More Exciting

Music festivals are no longer restricted to just music; there’s a lot more to them now. Keeping people entertained is not an easy thing to do, and that is why people love to combine different adventures and activities to music festivals to keep them interesting and interactive for the audience and attendees. If you’re looking for ideas on what activities and adventures can be arranged on such music festivals, then check out this interesting list:

3 Ways to Make Music Festivals More Exciting

  1. Hula hooping

Hula hooping is so IN – with games and activities being designed around hula hooping. From kids to adults to fitness freaks, everyone is interested in hula hooping. It is a great way to have fun and to stay fit. Since you’ll be attending a music festival, it would be an awesome idea to play hula hoop musical chairs.

What you need to do is create a big square by placing 4 cones in 4 corners. Everyone should be instructed to stay inside the square. Then, scatter the hula hoops at random spots within the boundaries of that square. The number of hula hoops should be one less than the number of people participating in the game. Have the participants stand on a random spot. Participants would then walk along the lines of the square while the music is playing, and as soon as the music stops, all participants would have to run inside the square and occupy one hula hoop per person. The person who is left without a hula hoop in the end would be eliminated. Continue the ongoing rounds in this manner.

  1. Bike cruising

If the music festival is taking place near a beach or any sandy/rocky terrain, then there is no better option than bike cruising. Gather the best cruiser bikes and get to cruising! People will especially enjoy this activity if they get to take part in beach cruising. Make sure that you go through a detailed guide before you buy/rent cruise bikes as a lot of things need to be considered. One example is that when it comes to sizing, buyers get to choose between a women’s or a men’s frame. Next, choose whether you want a bike with gears or without.

If all these factors are considered while purchasing a cruiser bike, the experience will definitely be enhanced!

  1. Volleyball

Once again, if the music festival is taking place on a beach, then beach volleyball is the go-to activity for all the attendees who are sport-lovers. Imagine playing volleyball on the sand, with the sun setting in the background and your favorite bands and singers playing your favorite music. Does it not sound like a dream come true!?

Another way to make it more interesting is to make teams out of all participating members and turn it into a competition. If the music festival is spread over a course of days, then match the volleyball competition accordingly. In the end, make sure that you reward the winning team! Maybe the winners get to go backstage and meet the singers or something!? Make it worthwhile!