A Few Tips on Keeping You Hydrated at Music Festival

Are you ready for the music festivals that you are going to attend in the next few months? I bet you are excited about it. A lot of music lovers are ecstatic about the upcoming events too. Some of them are already preparing their outfits months ahead. Aside from your outfit, you need to make sure that you will stay comfortable at the festival. One of the problems that you may have is staying hydrated.

Dehydration is one of the most common things that people experience in music festivals. A lot of people forget about their thirst because they are too happy about listening to the bands that they have always loved. Dehydration may not be serious in the beginning but even if you check out True Health Diagnostics, you will realize that this can lead to a wide variety of complications that can turn out to be fatal.

Keep Hydrated

Enjoy your music festival and make sure that you are going to stay hydrated by doing the following:

  1. You can stock up on hydrating yourself even before you get to the main event. You can drink Gatorade as well as other drinks that will increase your hydration. Do not forget to bring Gatorade too at the music festival. You may stick with water but Gatorade can be full of electrolytes that can get rid of dehydration faster.
  2. Make sure that you consume fruit and even drinks that will help you stay hydrated. Even through the food that you eat, you can improve how hydrated you are going to be at the music festival.
  3. There are some things that can dehydrate you faster. For example, if you drink anything with caffeine or you have consumed alcohol, you can expect that you will become dehydrated faster. This is the reason why you normally have to drink water even when you are drinking. Not only will you be able to release the alcohol from your blood stream, you will stay hydrated as well.
  4. Do not forget to listen to your body. You are already having fun but this does not mean that you can forget about what your body wants and needs. If you are starting to feel thirsty, drink a lot of water. When you feel dehydrated, it is simple, you just need to re-hydrate.
  5. It will be wise to stay out of the sun especially at some peak hours during the day. If you would stay in the shade, then you will not be too dehydrated and you may stave off from drinking water longer. If there is no shade then equip your bag with a lot of water.

It may help if you can bring a water bottle with you when you go to the music festival. After you have consumed all of your water, you can easily refill your water from some of the water stations that are available within the festival grounds. There are other tips that you can find here. You can check where they are located beforehand so you will know where to go and refill.

How to Make a Great Vlog about Music Festival

There are a lot of vloggers in YouTube right now and they usually talk about different things. There are some who talk about their adventures in various places while there are also some who talk about clothes and makeup. Perhaps you want to be specific about the vlogs that you are going to make and you want to focus on music festivals. This is okay. The moment that you have a channel, all you need to do is to create a video but how are you going to start?

The very first thing that you have to do is to check the schedule of music festivals that you can attend. If you focus on music festivals alone, you can expect that there are seasons when you will be more active but if you are willing to try out other music related events too, it will be up to you.

How to Make a Great Vlog about Music Festival

The moment that you have already fixed up your schedule, you can already learn more information about how to make a good YouTube video. By learning the right tips, you will be creating videos like a professional. Just make sure that you have the right camera. Nobody wants to look at videos that are made of poor quality especially at present time.

Here are some other tips that will help you vlog about the music festivals that you are going to attend:

  1. Make sure that you research about the music festival even before you get there. This will help you talk about the music festival, where it is taking place and the musicians that are invited to perform. You do not want to offer a boring vlog wherein you will show that you are having fun without people knowing where the music festival is or why you are having fun in the first place.
  2. Find the right lighting. Lighting can do a lot for the vlog that you are creating. The better the lighting, the prettier and more colorful the surroundings are going to be. Music festivals are known to be colorful because of the things that people wear. The display of colors can be amazing if you would be able to catch it on video.
  3. Try something different. If you would check out the channels of other vloggers, some of them may have covered music festivals in the past as well. You do not have to imitate them. You can still do a vlog about music festivals but be completely original and inject your personality into the video that you are creating.
  4. Do not be afraid to edit your video. Your video is not going to be perfect in raw form. You do not want to make it too long that you are going to bore possible watchers of your vlog. Edit out the parts that are unnecessary and keep those parts which you feel will tell the story of your music festival adventure.

Are you ready to start vlogging? Find the first music festival that you are going to attend and start vlogging away.

Surviving Your First Music Festival

Whenever summer is near, there are a lot of people who would like to go out and just hang out with their friends. One of the most popular hangouts is the field where music festivals take place. There are a lot of popular music festivals that people go to and even save up for so that they can visit but there are also new ones that pop out from time to time.

If it is your first time to go to your very own music festival after watching some videos about it online, then you may think that you are prepared. Even if you would view various music festivals with the help of express vpn netflix, you have to remember that it can do a lot more. Whenever you would like to access some videos but fail because of your current location, then you can use it and not see the error message for a long period of time. Still, the things that you can watch through Netflix are still not enough to give you the tips you need to survive your first ever music festival.

Surviving Your First Music Festival

Here are some helpful tips that can help you out:

  1. Make sure that you are going to follow a schedule. There are some people who stay at music festivals from the time that the festival starts until it ends but if this is too much for you, you can plan the time that you are going to arrive depending on the artist that you want to see.
  2. Think about your comfort first before you decide on the clothes that you are going to wear. It is okay to look good in a music festival but it is not okay to be uncomfortable the whole time that you are there. If you would choose to wear heels, the time will come when you would like to remove those heels and just let your feet breathe. Wear comfortable shoes so you can stay longer on your feet.
  3. Have the right essentials that can help protect your skin. Do you know that you are going to stay under the sun for a long time? Make sure that you have the right essentials to keep you protected. If you need to wear hats, and then do it, it will keep you comfortable. You may need to wear sunglasses as well. Do not forget to put sunblock on your screen so you can be further protected from the sun’s harmful rays.
  4. Have water with you. It is bound to be hot and uncomfortable at some point. If ever there are some food and water stalls available, the line may be long. If you have brought your own water though, this will help you stay hydrated. There are some music festivals that have some water stations available. You can refill your water canteen from there.
  5. Bring your powerbank with you. There will be moments when your gadgets may lose battery because of all of the video and picture taking that you are doing. Having a powerbank will allow you to power them up again. This can be essential if you lose track of the people you are with and you want to contact them.

These festival tips are meant to help you survive your first ever music festival. In the long run, you will know more about how you can have fun and still remain comfortable.

Tips for Motorcycling to Music Festivals

A great way to impress your friends on music festivals and to have an even better time on these often short lived occasions is to travel to music festivals by motorcycle.  When you enjoy festivals by motorcycle you can enjoy plenty of fresh air, beautiful scenery and you can get around and find parking close to the stages a lot easier.  Motorcycling is terrific and enjoying music concerts is fantastic so by combining the two you are getting the ultimate break for your off weekend.

Tips for Motorcycling to Music Festivals

Get a motorcycle trunk

Backpacks are a mess on a bike because you get a terrible back ache when traveling with the extra weight on your back and it’s much harder to keep your balance at high speeds.  You are probably going to need a few essentials at the music festival so get your bike upgraded by adding a bike trunk where you can store items like a casual outfit, snacks and more.

Pack light

It’s always best to travel light when attending music festivals because by carrying less you can enjoy more freedom and you stand a chance of losing a lot less.

Get a Bluetooth helmet

Want to get in the mood for the music while on the way to the concert?  Then it is time to scout the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets because with one of these helmets you can stream music to your helmet from your phone and enjoy the best tunes on the way.  The Bluetooth helmets are also great for receiving calls on your trip and for interacting with other biking buddies that are accompanying you on the trip.  These helmets also meet all the DOT standards and will protect you in case of a fall thanks to the tough polycarbonate shell.

Always wear safety gear

Biking gear like biking boots, leather jackets and biking pants are a must because these will protect your skin in case of a bad fall.  The biking gear also has a great look that will make you fit right in at any rock concert or rock music festival.  And if you aren’t that keen on showing off your biking style then you can always carry an extra outfit along for the festival.

Travel in a group if you can

Groups are always safer to travel in because a large group of motorcycles are a lot easier to spot and you have someone that can help you in case of a crash.  But one big mistake that most biking groups will make is the distance between bikes.  A lot of bikers will add extra space to prevent collisions between bikes but you are in fact endangering your buddies by leaving too much space because motorists find it hard to pass by and if someone has to choose between colliding into oncoming traffic and crashing into a bike you can be sure that they are going to crash a bike much rather than oncoming traffic.  Keep your bike groups packed closely so others can pass by easily.

Must Haves for Your Next Music Festival

You don’t need much more than a feel good attitude to enjoy a music festival but a little bit extra is always great to help you make the most out of this fantastic time.  Music festivals are often flooded with thousands of people and space is always an issue when you are bouncing in front of the stage. When space is limited and you have to consider that you probably have to carry everything you need on your person all day long then you need to be careful to select the right stuff to tag along.  With the right gear you can minimize theft and enjoy long music festivals a lot more since you can be a lot more flexible and mobile.

Music Festival

Izengate phone case

An Izengate phone case should definitely be at the top of your list of things to tag along to a music festival.  The Izengate phone case acts as a phone case and wallet in one because the case protects your phone and has enough space for you to add bank cards, ID cards and even cash for your trip.  The Izengate phone cases are incredibly stylish and come in four terrific colors.  These cases also has a strap that you can fasten around your wrist so you can snap pictures or chat with friends without worrying about losing your phone.

Baggy pants

If you can wear baggy pants then do so.  Baggy pants with lots of pockets are great for improving your flexibility because you can haul a lot of stuff with you without having to care for a bag all the time.  Look for quick dry baggy pants so you can dry off easily in case of sudden rainy weather or messy drink spills.

Cross body messenger bag

Cross body messenger bags are the safest type of bag to carry because someone cannot simply snatch your bag away and you still have your hands free to carry your drink or chat on your phone.

Water bottle

It is important to stay hydrated when you are attending music festivals in the summer.  Get a good water bottle that you can stack away in your messenger bag.

Snack pack

Some snacks are always a good idea during music festivals because large festivals can have some serious long queues at food stalls. Stock up on snacks that are melt proof like dried fruits, nuts or protein bars.

Freshen up kit

A few essentials to help you stay fresh throughout the day are great help.  Stock up on some wet wipes, deodorant and be sure to include a tissue pack in your kit since bathrooms tend to run out of toilet paper pretty quick during large festivals.

Sun protection

Sunscreen, lip balm and a good hat will ensure that your skin stays protected all day long.  You probably don’t want to look like a burnt up piece of meat on your selfies and photographs and sun protection can save your life against skin cancer.

Musicians and Concert Goers Need to Drink More Water

Singing and listening to music is no doubt a great delight for many people. Music has the ability to soothe and console us when we are struggling. It has the ability to voice our angst and anger when we are hugely upset. Music is great. However, our ability to enjoy the music we love can be drastically affected by our health. That is why musicians and concert goers need to drink more water.

While you might be tempted to just grab a glass and turn on the cold water faucet, that’s not a good idea. The water that is supplied by your city or township has been heavily “purified” and “filtered” with chemicals. That’s why it is highly recommended that you learn about the best reverse osmosis systems. That way you’ll be drinking chemical free water that is good for your throat, if you’re a musician, and your health no matter what your position in the music arena, performer or spectator.

Musicians and Concert Goers Need to Drink More Water

This is Why Water is Good for You

Like we said previously, no matter what your role in the music field is, water is a necessity. In truth, people can live a good deal of time without food. But, put them in a hot and dry environment with no water, and they perish. Some concerts can remind you of that kind of situation. This is why water is good for you:

  • Fights Fatigue– Your brain consists of 70% water. That means drinking water can help you concentrate and focus. And, water can also boost your energy levels to keep cheering on your favorite musicians or keep the crowd pumped from the stage.
  • Lose Weight– Obviously, you won’t be hoping to lose weight while you are at the concert. But, if you are going to be standing on your feet for an extended period of time, you don’t want to weigh more than you should. Learn more.
  • Tackle Toxins- Sweating and urinating get rid of the toxins in the body. Since the kidneys do a lot of this filtering, it is a good idea to ensure that they have enough fluid to eliminate things properly.
  • Healthy Skin- Water will keep your skin smooth, glowing, and soft. You will probably be exposed to some less than beneficial chemicals in the midst of the concert, so drinking water can help keep the blemishes away afterward.
  • Stronger Immune System– Concerts generally mean a lot of people. And, wherever there are a lot of people, there are a lot of germs. People who drink good amounts of water are less likely to get sick. It will help you fight heart attacks, cancer, and the ever-dreaded, flu. Read this.
  • Headache Remedy– Loud concerts are almost guaranteed to give you a headache. Of course, dehydration plays a large part in the onset of a headache. So, drinking water can help ward that off. Find out more about how water heals headaches.
  • Prevents Cramps & Other Injuries– Lubricated joints and muscles are more elastic. That means there is a decreased chance of developing a sprain or cramp while you’re on your feet rocking out to your favorite band, or jamming on your favorite song.

You can always read these other reasons to drink more water. And, if you think you might be interested in learning more about water purification systems, PurifierAdvisors is a great resource.

Better Care for Your Garden While You Enjoy Music Festivals

Most music festivals only last for a day or two but large festivals can endure for up to an entire week.  These longer and larger music festivals are some of the most fun festivals to enjoy because you also get a taste of camping out since large music festivals allow you to set up a tent so you can get in a good nap between concerts.  It is great fun to camp out with lots of friends while you enjoy crazy drinks and the best music because you can catch up on everything you missed out on between you and your buddies and you get the chance to blow off a lot of steam.  While you are enjoying music you don’t want to worry about how things are going back at home.  You don’t want to worry about your beautiful lawn wilting away, you don’t want to worry about your delicate house plants and you certainly don’t want to worry about your rare plant collections.  Here are some tips on hands free garden care so you can make the most out of your music festival.

Better Care for Your Garden While You Enjoy Music Festivals

Get a fully automated watering system

TLC irrigation Services Perth is the best irrigation and reticulation company to trust for all of your garden watering needs.  This fantastic company will come out to your property to access your exact watering needs.  They can do full installations for new watering systems, repair older systems, determine faults in your watering systems and even bore boreholes in your garden.  By analyzing your garden’s exact watering needs you care much better for your plants and you save a lot of money because you will never overwater again.  The automated watering systems are also great for going on holiday or enjoying music festivals because your garden will receive the needed amount water at exactly the same time as usual.  With an automatic watering system you will never have to come home to a neglected garden again and your plants will grow and flourish much better when they receive the right amount of water at the best suitable times.

Care for house plants while you are going out

Caring for house plants is tricky since you can’t exactly install an automatic irrigation system in house pot plants.  But if there is a will, there is a way and here are the best ways to ensure that house plants survive while you are enjoying a long music festival.

Carry your plants outside – Houseplants might survive well indoors but that doesn’t mean they cannot grow outdoors.  Houseplants will do much better if they are given a bit of sunlight and fresh air every now and then.  By carrying your houseplants outside and placing them under your irrigation systems your plants will grow even through you aren’t there to care for your houseplants.

Make your own plant waterers – If you don’t want to carry your houseplants outside out of fear for insects then you can always make self-watering systems for your potted plants.  You can use a wine bottle to create a water dripper that will ensure that your plants get the needed amount of water no matter how long you journey during music events.

Best Music in Australia

Writing about the best music and concert venues can get a little overwhelming. There are so many great musicians out there and an infinite supply of cool places to hear them play. That’s why we decided to take a different route this month and talk about the best music in Australia. It is very rare that we have the opportunity to venture to another continent and partake in their musical genres.

BPO Service

In fact, unless you happen to employ virtual assistants in Australia, you probably don’t know a lot about the country itself. The assistants at BPO can give you a great perspective, but they are more adept at offering assistance in accounting, finance, IT and even HR services. Their staff is not just affordable, they are also well-educated. So, while considering the music of Australia, you might also want to peruse the skills that BPO can offer to your business endeavors as well. And, who knows, the assistants might be able to point you to a musical talent we don’t list here.

7 Greatest Songs in Australia in Nearly 30 Years

Thirty years of music means that we are missing a lot of singers and the songs that brought them to the forefront of Aussie thought and popularity. However, when you are limited by space and word count, you have to maneuver through the multitude and choose those pieces you think are best. And that’s how we have come to provide you with the 7 greatest songs in Australia in nearly 30 years:

  1. Are You Gonna Be My Girl– Recorded and performed by Jet in 2003, this song is an Aussie favorite. In fact, it happens to be a favorite party song. Watch the video.
  2. Born to Try– Making its appearance on the debut album, Innocent Eyes, this song was part of the highest selling album in Australia for 10 consecutive years. You should totally listen to the piano ballad accompanied by the voice of Delta Goodrem. Hear this song, here.
  3. Zebra- Perhaps the lyrics will remind you of the American favorite, Ironic, as this song is about actions and opposites. The John Butler Trio performs this catchy piece.
  4. My Happiness– Powderfinger’s lead singer/songwriter, Bernard Fanning, admits that the song was composed due to the loneliness of touring. Powderfinger is a big deal, musically, in Australia.
  5. Dumb Things– The song has quite the fame attached to it, having appeared in TV shows and films. Dumb things is the fourth single released by Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls.
  6. Born to Survive– If you didn’t know that Australians like country music, this song should open your eyes to that truth. It’s Troy Cassar-Daley’s depiction of the tough outback life many Australians understand. Learn more.
  7. Prisoner of Society– This is an older rock piece that stayed at the top of the charts when it was released in the late 1990s. The Living End made a distinctive impact on Generation X with this anthem.

Australian music is certainly interesting, in that it spans the gamut of rock to country and back to piano ballads. Take some time out of your day to day grind and listen to music from other countries. You might find something you like, or else you will learn to better appreciate the music associated with your own country and culture. Seriously, listen.

Incredible Nootropics for Musicians and Other Creatives

People are using nootropics to improve their memories and their ability to concentrate. Some are using them to reduce depression and fight dementia. The truth is, nootropics are the hottest thing on the market these days. So, it is no wonder that we would want to present you with incredible nootropics for musicians and other creatives.

Before we start listing them, you might want to check out the best 13 Nootropics of 2017. That should help you determine which nootropics are best suited for your individual needs. And yes, you can stack some of these to help rectify multiple problem areas. You might want to pay specific attention to: L-theanine, NooPept, Lion’s Mane, and Fish Oil.

Incredible Nootropics for Musicians and Other Creatives

Nootropics Specifically Beneficial for Creative People

There are 6 nootropics that we think are particularly beneficial to musicians and other people who seek to creatively express themselves. These nootropics will aid in improving imagination and will function as overall cognitive enhancers. Check out these nootropics specifically beneficial for creative people:

  • Aniracetam- This is probably the most popular one on the list. It is an AMPA modulator. That’s a serious way of saying it improves AMPA receptor functions as they relate to glutamate. They are receptors linked to sensory perception, memory, and learning. This nootropic will also increase mood and motivation.
  • Piracetam– College students are particularly fond of this one because it doesn’t have any serious side effects. It will help unleash your creativity and foster improved memory. Studies show that it increases the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. This improves mood, focus, creativity, and memory.
  • Coluracetam– This one is pretty new but it is similar to aniracetam. It’s considered a choline uptake enhancer. That means it will enhance your sensory perception and make you more sensitive to external stimuli. Colors will become more vivid, sounds will be heard more clearly, and you’ll feel more relaxed and free to think without hindrance. Learn more.
  • Phenibut– This is a Soviet invented mood enhancer. They created it in the 1960s to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and depression. While it may not specifically make you more creative as a musician or artist, it will enable you to get into a state of mind that allows you to become strictly focused on the task at hand. That will make your creativity flow more seamlessly as you are better prepared to ignore interruptions and distractions that might hinder that flow.
  • Sulbutiamine– This was developed in Japan to remedy mental fatigue. Being an artist can be incredibly challenging and tiring. This nootropic allows you to improve your memory and concentration which will aid your imagination and creativity. It can also ease your bouts of writer’s block so that your best songs can come out as rapidly and completely as they want to.
  • NooPept– This one is synthetic which might contribute to its potency. It is a peptide nootropic that provide psychostimulatory and neuroprotective properties. Basically, it is designed to do everything you want in a nootropic. But, because it is a highly potent synthetic, you should be careful while taking it and pay close attention to the side effects. Read more.

While it might be a little difficult to ascertain which nootropic is best suited for musicians and other creatives, the ones on this list are guaranteed to offer you some beneficial results. But, do your research so you understand all the side effects. You can learn more about that here.

How to Enjoy Music from Your Computer

Technology wise, music has come a long way.  The first ever recorded sound was recorded by Thomas Edison and the first ever recorded song was recorded by a French printer and bookseller; Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville.  Music technology went through lots of changes and advancements since then and today you can listen to music in just about any vehicle and on just about any electronic device.  You can stream music through your phone, listen to music on the radio, enjoy your favorite tunes on an iPod and if you like the traditional way, you can still attend live concerts.  One of the best ways to enjoy music is with your computer.  When you play music from your computer you can view music videos or play a large variety of music for endless hours but the best reason to enjoy music on your computer is so you can alter the sound quality according to your needs and enjoy higher quality sound from various sources without having to struggle with CD’s.

How to Enjoy Music from Your Computer

Copy your CD’s to MP3 / MP4

Yes, it is completely legal to copy your CD’s to digital form as long as you bought the original CD’s and as long as you don’t share these copied files with friends or sell them online.  It is much safer to transfer your music to digital form so your CD’s will remain scratch free for longer.

Download music from the net

You can also download lots of music from the internet by subscribing to certain music channels or by buying the digital format of certain songs.

Download a music player for your PC

To play music from your computer, you will need to download a music player for your computer.  Lots of different music player apps and programs are available online.  iTunes, Winamp, Spotify, Xune, Nero MediaHome, AIMP, MpcStar and Songbird are just a few of the apps that you can download to play your music or music videos.

Stream live music from websites

You can even broadcast music live from music websites or radio stations and skip the need for a music player entirely.  The only problem is that you won’t be able to create your own playlist or skip tunes whenever you like because you need to listen to the program provided.

Get some good desktop computer speakers

A set of good speakers is a must for your PC or your sound will always come out fuzzy and blurry. If you are planning on using your PC for lots of music then it might be wise to invest a bit more in good quality large speakers like the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 that comes with a 130-watt sub.  This fantastic set of computer speakers offers clear heights and rich bass.  You can play incredibly loud volumes and the set has a nice design that will look attractive on your desk.  If you are looking for something smaller than the Creative T15 is also a terrific set to consider since they are small, elegant and allows you to enjoy movies and music as clearly as a hi-fi system.